Monday, February 15, 2010

Cupid Strikes Again!

That sneaky "Secret Cupid" was back again this year! Here are some of the things that he left for us.

Day 1:
-Ryan found a framed photo of his family on his desk--to remind him while he is studying of all of the people who love him.
-Secret Cupid must have forgotten about Rachel, but she wasn't mad.

Day 2:
-Ryan found a little space heater underneath his desk. (Secret Cupid must have overhead him whining about how cold his toes get while he is studying in our frigid apartment.)
-Rachel got an unexpected batch of homemade wheat bread. YUMMMM!

Day 3:
-The inside of Ryan's car was "attacked" with 24 Fun Dips taped all over it. (SC must know that we had Fun Dips on our first date.)
-Rachel found a beta fish named "Marve" in a vase on the kitchen table. So random but fun!

Day 4:
-Secret Cupid forgot about Ryan this day...oops.
-Rachel found the bedroom decorated with streamers and an I Love You sign!

Day 5:
-Ryan got a new board game called Last Word--even better, he got to play it with a couple of friends while eating crepes! YUM!
-We can't remember what Rachel got this day, so it must have been particularly meaningful. :)

Day 6:
-Ryan was whisked away to quaint East Aurora, New York for a surprise night out. We went outdoor ice skating and ate dinner/dessert at a funky coffee shop. (They also had a huge chess set, and Ryan shocked me with his skills. Come to find out, he used to play tons of chess in high school and even read books about chess strategy! WHAT THE?!)
-Rachel found beautiful roses hanging from the light fixture in the hallway.

Ryan is an excellent skater. (He used to play there anything this guy doesn't do?) He can skate backwards and do little jumps and stuff.

I am not an excellent skater, but I am trying to pretend to skate backwards in this photo.

Day 7:
-Ryan was supposed to get a fun scavenger hunt with cute magnets leading around the apartment--but Secret Cupid is so sneaky that a few weeks ago, she hid the magnets somewhere in the apartment so Ryan would not find them...and then on the Big Day, SC herself could not find them! Oops! Maybe next year! (Hopefully they'll show up by then!)
-Rachel got a special dinner of homemade spaghetti sauce and garlic bread--and she didn't have to make any of it! (Although she did offer to clean it up.)

Speaking of Cupid...check out this little cherub!

I am going to see him tomorrow in St. Louis, and I can't wait!!! (HOORAY for February Break!)

Friday, February 12, 2010

This sight makes me truly happy on a Sunday morning...

Deborah at church.
Wearing a velvet skirt, Super Bowl sweatshirt, cocked beanie, and a smile...always a smile.