Eating Disorder

Yes, I had one (maybe I still do if I am actively recovering from it?).  My eating disorder manifested itself in different ways over the course of ten years, from dramatically undereating when my mom was dying of cancer to dramatically overeating when I was going through the stress of infertility and adoption.

After almost ten years of struggle, I went to counseling, and I am in a much better place now.  I am still trying to process everything that I have learned along the way.  As I continue figuring myself out, I'm sure I will blog about my discoveries (because that is what I do), so I will add to these links over the months and years.  I will group these posts by the time period during which they were written and/or shared. Thank you so much for sharing my journey!

My Own Writings
So, I went to see a counselor...
It Is What It Is (published on Power of Moms)

What I've Gained Since High School
A True Story about Answered Prayers

Eating Disorder Update

Meeting My Eating Disorder, Narrative Therapy Part 1
Living With My Eating Disorder, Narrative Therapy Part 2
Living Without My Eating Disorder, Narrative Therapy Part 3

My Podcast, My Journey
    **Unhealthy Stress or Habits? Break the Cycle! (podcast I recorded for Power of Moms about
            what I learned in counseling)
    **Listening to and Loving my Body through Intuitive Eating (second podcast I recorded with Power of Moms about what I learned in counseling)

The Writings of Others
My Secret to a Healthy Lifestyle: Intuitive Eating (Huffington Post, by Jennipher Walters)
"If You Were Thinner, You'd Be Enough" (Power of Moms, by Katrina Willis)

Books and Resources
Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch
    -Ten key principles summarized here
How Much Does Your Soul Weigh by Dorie McCubbrey (my counselor)

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