Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do you know anyone interested in serving abroad?

Ry and I oversee volunteer work at an orphanage for persons with disabilities in El Salvador. We lived in this orphanage right after we got married, and we have been able to return to see the kids every summer since. We also work to recruit others to live and serve in the orphanage for three-month shifts, year-round.

I am writing this post because we are desperate for volunteers, and I'm hoping that you might know some cool people who might be interested in the program. We need to recruit qualified volunteers to work with these kids this summer and fall.

Here's a little bit about the program:

-A pair of volunteers lives in a private little house on the orphanage grounds for about three months. (May-August, September-December)
-The volunteer pair must be married or of the same gender. (We've had married couples, best friends, and sisters go together.)
-One member of the team must be fluent in Spanish.
-Both members of the team must have a desire to work with awesome kids with both mental and physical disabilities--planning activities, classes, and programs, as well as providing individualized love and attention.

If you know ANYONE who might be interested in this program (siblings, friends, old missionary companions), can you let me know? Feel free to give them my contact information!

Thanks for your help. We've had a really hard time recruiting lately...


  1. Creed and I! We think that we are coming with you. Does that count though?

    Why can't you post this on the BYU-I bulletin board or something and see if you can qualify it as an internship with the social work department??????Then you'll have people every time. Or mabye even UB?

  2. Rachel, you are amazing! I wish I could go. I would love to more than anything, but I don't have anyone to go with (especially someone who speaks Spanish) and I don't have three months straight off without work. I know I'm a teacher and all, but I have other jobs in the summer. Sad. I'll let you know if I think of anyone.

  3. oh wow i can't believe you know Creed. That is my husband Chris's second cousin. I have never met him but Chris saw his picture while i was reading your comments. what a small world.


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