Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mi Corazon

Ryan and I oversee the volunteer work at an orphanage for persons with disabilities in El Salvador. One of the current volunteers there is a photography major at BYU, and I am so excited about the photos she has taken of the residents. Here are a few of my favorites:

I know and love each of these smiling faces, and so the photos feel like a little lens into my heart. I love them. Ry and I get to go back and see the kids in August, and I can't wait.

If you'd like to see all of the photos that Molly Hunter has taken of the orphanage residents, go to She will continue to add more throughout her three-month stay.


  1. these photos are just AMAZING!
    what a wonderful thing to be doing. . . you are going back?
    i can't wait to hear the stories you bring home with you.

  2. You never cease to amaze me Rach. You are amazing. These photos are amazing. I hope to go to South America next summer. I defend my thesis this month and then I am hopefully going to get into some Spanish classes. :)

  3. These are beautiful! How lucky to have a photographer there. I checked out her website and am proud to say that I easily remembered Geovanny, Maritza and Xiomaria's names just by seeing their faces. The residents definitely have a piece of my heart as well.

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  5. Wow! that is so cute. I heard of someone who's fiance had 27 people on a lucky ladies 27th birthday to do 27 random nice things for strangers in honor of her. Some examples are: giving $10 to a bum on the street, or helping an old lady out to her car with groceries. Tell Ryan about that for next year. But he sure is a sweetheart. By the way love your birthday dress! Happy Birthday! Love YA!

  6. Rachel and Ryan, I loved seeing the photos from the Hogar and also catching up on your lives. New address is Hope to stay in touch.


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