Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nice Husband

I have a nice husband.  He spoils me.  This past weekend, he really went overboard, and I loved it.

He and a few of his buddies decided to treat their wives to a "girls night on the town" full of surprises.  I came home from work and found an envelope full of clues.

The first clue led me to dinner with friends at one of those crazy Japanese restaurants:

We all decided to order fancy drinks, since our husbands said to order whatever we wanted.  Tiffany, who is nine months pregnant, announced to the waitress, "I'm going to stick with water, since I now weigh ______ pounds."  I will not publish her weight on a public blog, but I will say that I love that girl's honesty.  She is hilarious.

The next clue led me to a chubby, hairy masseur at the New York Massage School.  (No photo, thank goodness.)  It was a little awkward to be rubbed down by Vince, but who doesn't like a good massage?

Finally, it was off to the movies--and then to a hotel for a night of girl talk.

I know, my husband is way too nice to me.  But I really can't give Ryan all the credit...he is not a planner, and he freely admits that this entire event was planned by his friends.  I am grateful, however, that he is always willing to jump on board with other people's good ideas, and he is generous when it comes to pampering his wife.   

Life has been a little stressful lately with teaching and grading, responsibilities at church, fertility treatments, adoption drama, pedo residency applications...I was grateful for the fun diversion.  And I am forever and always grateful for the ultimate fun diversion: Mr. Ry Guy.

I came home from the outing with friends exhausted (as you can imagine, we stayed up talking until the wee hours of the morning) and fell asleep on his shoulder.  He studied while I snoozed. 

I love that skinny guy.


  1. :D The best husband ever! Well, I take that back - but he sounds like he comes in to a pretty close second. Glad you had such a fun night out.

  2. Whoa!!! That is amazing. I am going to send the link to this post to Sam. :) Just kidding. He spoils me too. I got a massage on Friday too, and it wasn't by a hairy man but by a cute girl named Jamie.

  3. Rachel, I am still dying laughing that you would use Vince's name personally. You are SO funny. I'm most grateful that I got to spend a night out on town with you! You forgot to write of our snuggles. You are the best Rach! And so is Ry! Best husbands ever! And it's ok to say i'm 207 lbs. I think it makes it funnier. Let's just hope it comes off because that would not be funny if it didnt!

  4. What is with my sisters and their professional massages?!?

    I love that skinny guy too!

  5. Vince sounds like a dream. How thoughtful of your husbands! Yes, with your schedule, I think you need one of those getaways EVERY weekend!

    So.. your husband came over last night and gave the best home teaching lesson I have ever had in my 27 years of life. Seriously. He was so prepared. And it was fun to hear him speak more than just a few sentences in one sitting. I think that's why I like his Sunday school lessons.... I get to hear him talk! :)

    Yes, I did realize I said "nipply" :)... although I don't know that I really think about it when I say it anymore. Perhaps I should lay off the image producing adjectives... but some phrases just stick from high school haha.

  6. I'm glad you got to have a well deserved relaxing weekend!

  7. What a fun night! It sounds like it was just the best time. Glad to hear about all the fun!

  8. That Ryan is the best! I'm glad you were able to have such a fun weekend. You deserve it.


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