Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today is...

...the first day of National Adoption Month! 


...Noah's three-month birthday!  

Took this photo today with my new phone.  Isn't he an angel?  Love those blue eyes.  I did not get a smartphone, so the quality of this photo isn't great, and I can't figure out how to rotate it, even in iPhoto.  It's weird.
      In honor of his big day, I took him to the doctor where he was prescribed some medicine for Reflux.He has been so spitty and fussy that the doctor is concerned.  Let's hope the little darling feels better soon!
      He weighs 12 lbs 11 oz (which is the 40th%).

      For a small guy, he sure is strong.  He's been holding his head up since he was a week old (I'm not kidding) and bearing his own weight since he was about three weeks old.  He now kicks his way out of the Miracle Blanket at night.  That thing is seriously a straightjacket...I have no idea how he gets out of it, but it wakes him up every time (darn it).  All that sports training with Dad seems to be paying off.

Even training him in his sleep...
      For more fascinating details about our little man, check out our new addition to the side bar.  (Ryan and I updated ours as well.)

      Happy Three-Month, Noah Nugget!


  1. Hurray for the little guy! I'm glad you've got some Reflux meds :) We'll have to chat about that later. I am curious what your doc said. Happy 3 month little Noah Snug!

  2. J has reflux, too. He's on medication and uses gentle formula (soy got him constipated!) and he's much better.

    Three months already! Can't believe it!

  3. oh my goodness I can't believe he is 3 months already! he is such a cutie!!

  4. What a doll! If he keeps kicking out of the swaddle you may have to drop it sooner than intended so he can learn to get uninterrupted sleep. Bum! Stop kicking, Nugget!! Love the new poems. See you tomorrow! xoxo

  5. Ya for National Adoption Month! Noah's eyes look so blue in the picture. They are beautiful! I read the new poems. Tell Ryan I know someone that lives in Northern Idaho who would love a visit! See you in a couple weeks.

  6. Hope his tummy gets better soon. My second one spit up all the time. I switched him to a formula with rice and used about one less scoop and problem solved. Doc said the rice helps it settle in their tummy a little easier. Good luck reflux makes for some rough nights.

  7. I heard about this month and thought of you guys! Noah is so cute, especially as a lobster!

  8. I think he weighs more than my little guy. How is that possible?! He's a doll Rachel. I love his hair!


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