Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Babies, Babies

In the past two weeks, two new babies have joined the Nielson family! It has been exciting and emotional--with group texts flying almost every day to share labor progress, baby arrivals, and newborn photos. I think it is amazing how technology unites families even when we live far apart.

My nephew Tate was born to Cole and Sara in Missouri on November 7th.  I wish we could be closer to them during this special time, but I am grateful that we've been able to Skype. I love watching Cole snuggle and rock his first child.  And Sara is such a beautiful and gentle mama. I love this little family so  much and can't wait to meet Tate...hopefully in the not-too-distant future! (Come see us in Idaho, Tate!!)

I love the joy, emotion, and excitement in both of their faces.  Sweetest.

Oh I want to smooch his scrumptious cheeks!
Then this past Saturday, my niece Lily was born to Derek and Alli in Utah. I actually got to spend several days with them in the week just prior to Lily's birth because I had IVF doctor appointments in Utah, and it was so fun to be with them as they anticipated Lily's arrival.  There was a lot of talk about contractions and labor...and lots of guessing about when Baby Girl would make her appearance.  I'm so glad that Lily waited to arrive until I was back in Utah for another doctor appointment because I got to go visit her in the hospital on her second day of life.  Oh, I love her!  What a little snuggle bug...and with so much soft, beautiful hair!  Derek and Alli are going to be the best parents.  They are so cute and loving with little Lily. 

Just wanted to make sure that everyone knows I am pointing to Alli's baby belly in this pic! :)

I love being an aunt!  And I will have another little nephew in a few months...my little sister, Laura, is expecting a baby boy in mid-January!  I can't wait! 

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  1. I love that last picture of you and your niece. She is so comfortable on your chest! xoxo


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