Friday, April 3, 2015

Favorite Memories from January, February, and March

It feels too daunting to get caught up on this blog, to document every detail of our trips, traditions, and treasured moments these past few months.  But here are the highlights!
*Two family weekends at the cabin in Sun Valley when Ryan was working at the office and hospital there.  My dad even joined us for one of those weekends, and it was so great to see him interacting with my kiddos.  He is the best Bapa.  One evening, I took him on a daddy-daughter date to a fancy restaurant at the top of the mountain.  Funnest.

*Family day trips and outings on Ryan's day off.  We try to do something a little "extra" and fun that day of the week, such as a trip to the nearby hot springs, a family hike, a father-son ski day, or a family bowl-off at the local alley (I lost, yes, even to my three-year-old).  These family outings are some of my favorite moments of all and stand out to me even more than the trips and holidays.  I love letting go of all distractions and spending a few hours with my people.

*A little holiday magic with the reappearance of Secret Cupid and the "half birthday" cake!

*A weekend in San Diego with my sisters--kid-free!  We ate way too much delicious food and spent way too much time talking and laughing.  I think this should be an annual tradition, ladies!

*Lazy days at home with Noah.  (And Sally of course--but that goes without saying!)  Noah is my little buddy and my little helper lately, and we have fun hanging out and getting stuff done.  He helps me here and there, watches too many shows on the iPad, makes lots of messes (his most recent thing is fort-building and he likes to use every pillow and blanket in the house!), accompanies me on walks to see "our horse" Little Brown, and just keeps me company and makes me laugh/drives me batty depending on the day and moment within the day.  I love him.  I don't know what I would do without him.

*A massive organization project!  It all started when I organized the pantry as one of Ryan's Secret Cupid gifts--and then it spiraled out of control from there.  With Ryan's help, I completely organized our entire house, including the garage and laundry room.  It feels heavenly.  As Noah said to me one day, "Bins, bins, bins!  What's with you and bins, Mommy?"  Hahaha!  I do adore a clutter-free space.  I have problems.

*A trip to Denver to see my sister and her husband perform as featured soloists in the Easter oratorio "Lamb of God."  It was a fantastic production, and I was so glad to be able to be there to support Sarah and Logan--they were incredible.  I felt the Spirit and love of Christ touch me so deeply as I watched the production.  It felt like a once-in-a-lifetime moment to be listening to such beautiful sacred music for the first time, sung by two of the people I love most. 

I decided to make a week-long trip out of my visit to Denver, so my kids got to spend lots of time with their cousins (Noah even got to go to Callum's Wild Kratt's birthday party!), their great grandparents (who still get on the floor and play with my kids--be still my heart), and their aunts and Bapa.  As exhausting and chaotic as it is to travel with the kids (especially without Ryan!), it's so worth it to see my family.  I miss being close to them.

*A weekend in Utah on our way home from Denver.  We got to stay with Derek and Alli and celebrate D's 34th with the family, and we got to have a picnic at the park one evening with Katie and Drew.  Double win!  We love all of these good people in our lives and know that we are beyond blessed.

So there you have it: the highlight reel of Quarter One of the Nielsons' 2015.  I have much more to say about what I have felt and learned these past few months, particularly about motherhood and being present with my kiddos, but that will have to wait for another post!


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