Thursday, May 20, 2010


My students think I am weird.

This fact surfaced as we had a discussion about jeans.  I admitted to them that I do not own a pair and have not in five years.  They said that is "unAmerican."  They suggested that I rush out tonight and buy a pair--or at least a pair of "jorts."  (Apparently, this is their term for jean shorts.)

They wanted to know what I wear when I am not at work.  I decided not to tell them that I live in ugly track suits and pajama pants. 

While we were on the topic of my strangeness, I admitted that I also don't have a Facebook account and, even more shocking to them, that we don't have TV.

They were truly beside themselves.

"What do you do when you are not working???"

This made me smile.  As if Facebook and TV are the only things that adults have to do in their spare time.

I remember the carefree days of youth: no housework, no grocery shopping, no church responsibilities, no meetings to attend, no meals to cook or bills to pay or car to take to the shop, etc. etc. etc...

In any event, I do think I will buy some jeans one of these days.


  1. I agree. It is about time you owned a pair of jeans. :)

  2. Um, you DO have a tv. No cable, but you do have a tv. I've watched a movie on it before. As for jeans, GAP is doing a "mystery savings" promotion right now and I got lucky and got the full $25 off so I bought myself a new pair of jeans yesterday that finally make me feel thin. They are super dark (thinning) and higher waisted than many jeans anymore, which is thinning in that it hides my mom belly. Love them. I feel like a new woman! Worth every penny. They are the GAP boot cut, although Long and Lean and Curvy both fit also, just not as well. Maybe give it a shot! (Before the promotion ends.)

  3. haha i went all throughout college with no jeans for some reason. and i have never owned a tv. and while i do have facebook, i just unfriended all of my kiddos, so i might as well not have it :)

    teachers are weird. it's in the job description!

  4. Mike hasn't owned jeans since about the time he was 14. I think it is weird, but not I think it would be crazy to see him in them. I think I need Sara to take me shopping, in the last 5 years I think I have bought 3 pairs of jeans and all turn out to be ill fitting. My mom always says I have a poopy diaper bum. Flattering, I know. Maybe I should buy those underwear with junk in the trunk!
    I could live without facebook, but now it acts as a second email, so I don't think I could give it up.
    You are strange, but I think I'd like to aspire to dress nice and have better things to do with my time then plop down in front of a screen.

  5. Take your sister's advice. I know there is a cute pair of jeans at gap calling your name. I know it.

  6. Good on you for not owning a pair of jeans. I wish I was confident enough to wear skirts or dresses but alas, I'm not so jeans it is.


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