Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sleigh Bells Ring...

I am the sunshine in Ryan's day:

I am the queen of his heart:

On my throne

And so, for our anniversary, he took me on a romantic snowy sleigh ride in Sun Valley, Idaho.  I was picturing this:

Instead, we got this:

Not quite so private and picturesque--but still incredibly fun:

The sleigh took us to a rustic cabin for dinner:

Ryan really enjoyed the bread:

A funny old man wearing a Santa hat played "Just the Way You Are" for us on his accordion:

Then we rode home and snuggled to keep warm:

Excuse the blurriness...the sleigh was moving.  Excuse my closed eyes...the flash was blinding.
And on a completely unrelated note, but speaking of snow, Ryan and his brothers had fun playing Kan Jam outside their family's cabin in Sun Valley:

We've had a great week with the Nielsons, and I'm sad we haven't gotten more photos.  We head back to the Buff tomorrow night.  We are taking the red eye flight and will be bringing in the New Year on a plane.  Hope we don't get hit by any fireworks!


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