Saturday, January 5, 2013

Highlights of Christmas in Idaho

Ryan had the week before Christmas off, so we spent ten days in Idaho with his family.  It was such a great time.  I am going to let the photos do most of the talking as I recap the highlights of the week:

*Sled hill in the backyard! Gordon came home early from work one day and announced that he was going to build a sled hill and a snowman for Noah.  Best Grandpa ever!

*Holiday cooking and baking!  Sally was in Boise helping with Ashley's new baby for the first few days of our visit, so I did the cooking (with lots of help from the guys).  It was actually really fun to work together on meals.  I made my "famous" chicken pot pies one night.  (It's literally the only dish I make well.)  Once Sally got home and started cooking, Grandpa often sat Noah on the counter to watch Grandma work.  Every once in a while, Noah got a taste of the whipped cream or whatever delicacy she was making.

*Annual trip to the family cabin in Sun Valley!  We skiied and snowboarded, played games, ate delicious food, drank hot cocoa, and sat around the fire chatting.

I love this beautiful town.
I bought Noah's ski sweater long before he was born.
(I bought it the weekend that we met Katie for the first time and found out that Noah was a boy!)
I knew it would be perfect for winter days at the cabin.  He looked so cute in it.
Ryan had a blast snowboarding with his dad, Tanner, and Cole for several days.
Derek and Alli joined them for one day too. Noah and I stayed at the cabin.  Maybe when we go back
in two years we'll get Noah on some skis!
*Sweet Baby Kate!  Nate and Ash surprised us by showing up at the cabin with Kate on our last night there, and then they came with us to Pocatello for Christmas.  Noah wasn't sure what to think of the little peanut at first, but then he warmed right up to his cousin.  I was addicted to her from the first moment I laid eyes on her and held her as much as possible throughout the weekend.

Happy aunts!
"Mom, can I touch her?"
Christmas Eve cuties!
*Family Nativity play on Christmas Eve.  This is a tradition in my sister-in-law Sara's family, and we were glad she proposed it to the Nielson clan.  Everyone got really into their roles, and the make-shift costumes were classic.  Fun memory!

*Christmas morning!  Is anything better??

Happy family!
Opening presents!
I was apparently quite excited myself about the stellar gift that we got Noah: a miniature magna doodle.
It was the only present he got from his parents, poor neglected child.
(We knew he would be plenty spoiled by aunts, uncles, and grandparents--we were right.)
*And the best part of the trip???  Noah's bonding time with his aunts and uncles and his wonderful grandparents!!  This little boy is so blessed with so many people who love him.

Ice skating with Uncle Cole
Shopping with Aunt Sara
Books with Aunt Ashley and Uncle Nate
Uncle Derek and Aunt Alli gave Noah an awesome set of toy musical instruments
(so much cooler than what he got from his parents!).
After his long day of snowboarding, Uncle Tanner willingly shared his Peanut M&Ms with Noah (after biting them in half). That is true love!
Admiring the tree with Grandpa
Bedtime stories with Grandma
Notice the dog and the blanket! :)
Christmas Eve with the two grandbabies                
It was a Christmas that we will always remember, and we are grateful!

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  1. Noah looks TO DIE FOR In that picture of you three on Christmas morning. So cute that it make up for his motley parents :)

    Love Tanner sharing M&Ms with him. And Tan's hilarious hair. Ha!


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