Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cute Classroom!!

My older sister is an elementary school teacher and therefore has the cutest classroom you've ever seen. Theme bulletin boards, bubble-lettered name tags, colorful pillows in the reading corner...all the fixins'. Let's just say, it gives me a complex. For the past two years, my classroom has been pretty bland and boring, and I always justified myself by saying, "High school teachers aren't expected to have cutesy classrooms!" The truth is...I would've loved to have had a fun classroom, but I was too bogged down with hundreds (literally) of papers to grade and dozens of novels to read and a year's worth of units to plan. (The first few years of teaching are brutal.) Well...after two years and two months of teaching...I am proud to announce that I finally have a cute classroom!! I took some photos to prove it:

My big, fun bulletin board at the back of the room, displaying student work

The students illustrated events from the short story we've been studying, and I put them up like a "story board"

Fun Halloween decor! (Look closely and you'll see the ghosts hanging from the windows!)

A display to teach them about the different types of prepositional phrases
I also have a gumball machine that is almost as tall as me that dispenses huge gumballs, but I forgot to take a photo of it, so you'll have to take my word for it.
Pretty cute, huh?? I am so proud of myself! :) Elementary school, here I come...


  1. great classroom, rachel. i never had any doubts that you would put your all into teaching. that's awesome. and i love the video below!

  2. Great room! I think the ghosts are my favorite. I was wondering if I could cut out some of your titles for bulletin boards with my cricut machine. I think a lot of the features are designed for billboard making but I've never been able to use them since I don't have any displays. If you are interested I would love to do it, just give me a week's notice from when you want to put it up so I have time to cut the letters and mail them to you. And did you do that skeleton? I love it.

  3. Rachel, you are waaayyy tooo cute!!!! I love your classroom.
    Uuummm........why didn't you were your devil outfit to the church on Wednesday? I don't think you look so bad, especially when you ride!

  4. Love the Halloween deco. High schoolers may act like they don't care but I used to love to look at my teachers display's in High school.

  5. What can I say? My work is done here.


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