Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Soundtrack of My Life

Have you ever noticed that the rising generation is obsessed with music?? To me, it seems like those iPod earbuds never leave their ears! Today, I even saw a two year old listening to an iPod. Crazy, huh?

Well, to play on this interest, I created an assignment for my seniors entitled "The Soundtrack of My Life." They have to pick three songs that have influenced them as people and then write a thesis-based essay about why or how these songs have impacted them.

I decided that I would write a model essay on this topic, so they could see what I am expecting. Last night, I started writing about the music and people that have become important in my life, and I got carried away...five hours later, I finished what was supposed to be a quick sample essay! :) It's been a long time since I've been excited about something I've written, and it felt so good to engage in the difficult writing process and then love the finished product.

The essay is very personal, but it captures why I am the way I am. I think it's important for teens to see that it's okay to share and to care. So today in class, I shared it with them, and now I am going to share it with you. If you are interested in reading it, click on the link below.

I hope you like it!

P.S. There is one sappy portion of the essay in which I rave about Ryan. After this, I promise I will try to stop obsessing over Ryan's cuteness on this blog.


  1. I don' think I realized how much I've missed reading your writing until tonight! Thank you so much for sharing, I loved it and at this point am in need of a tissue! Love ya!

  2. Wow Rachel, you are such an amazing writer and an amazing example to your students. It must be so inspiring to be in your class. I was just telling Ezra how uplifted/inspired I feel when I read your blog...but that is probably obvious because I can never finish your post without becoming a teary-eyed mess. You guys are really great people. Honestly.

  3. Good essay, sis. I was just thinking the other day about how significant music is to me and how I always listen to certain types of music and certain songs over and over to mirror my mood. Like the year I spent all of my voice lesson singing songs about having your heart broken. It really helped me! Oh, but let's not be unrealistic and make promises we can't keep. We ALL know that there is more Ry-Ry gushing and admiration to come. Probably tomorrow. :)

  4. Music and love go together. I love to listen to songs that play memories back to me of Travis. He made me some CD's a really long time ago about 7 years ago, the music is mostly out dated and he doesn't even like most of the songs anymore. What made the CD's special is he wrote a little reason for why he put every single song on them. One of my favorite gifts ever.

  5. Rachel,

    I am in Two Good Things, and I just found out tonight that you started it! Chelsea told me about your blog and I had to visit. Our prompt for writing tonight was your blog post about the soundtrack of your life, and it was fun! Anyway, write back and tell me about your life!

  6. Love it! You have got me thinking about what the soundtrack to my life is. I am going to have to put some thought into that and may even write about it. I seriously wish I could come be in your English class. I love what you wrote about your mom. I was thinking about her just yesterday. The things you and your sisters said about her at the funeral really were inspiring to me and I think about the way I am mothering my kids and wonder if they will feel the same way about me. Particularly the little things your mom did to brighten your days like decorating your cars and things like that. She really is an inspiration.

  7. Rach, I'm so glad you let us read that! It was beautiful. I love you Rach!

  8. What a fun idea. We stole your idea and used it for a Two Good Things prompt. It was fun. Miss you guys.


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