Tuesday, June 5, 2012

29 by 29

I saw this idea on a blog somewhere, and I thought it was fun.  So here are my 29 goals for my 29th year of life.

1.  Go to bed by 10:30 p.m. most nights.  (This will be a huge stretch for me--I am a night owl.)
2.  Guard date night with Ryan and don't let anything get in the way!
3.  Sneak into Noah's room and watch him sleeping more often.
4.  Exercise every day, even if it's just for a few minutes.
5.  Learn how to say "no" and don't worry so much about pleasing everyone.
6.  Read scriptures with Ryan more consistently.
7.  Make Noah laugh hysterically at least once every day.
8.  Write about the people I love on my blog.
9.  Explore the 100 Days of Real Food blog and introduce healthier foods to my family.
10.  Explore the Power of Moms blog and its resources.  Submit at least one guest post.
11.  Keep my toe nails painted.
12.  Read Intuitive Eating and implement what I learn.
13.  Make my blog books.  (Been meaning to do this for about four years now.)
14.  Partner with Ryan to create some artwork for our home.  (I research the ideas and get the supplies; he does the actual artwork while I talk to him.  Team work!)
15.  Make/plan dinner on a very regular basis.
16.  Read at least one fun book each month.
17.  Spend more time with my grandparents.
18.  Plan fun with friends.  Invite people over.
19.  Spend time outside every day.
20.  Make cookies for our neighbors.
21.  Make themed meals for holidays.
22.  Plan my time each day and stick to the plan.  This includes limiting time online.
23.  Go to the temple with Ryan on the first weekend of each month.
24.  Take Noah to El Salvador to meet the ninos.
25.  Pray for everyday opportunities to serve and follow through.
26.  Track all of our expenses using our budget spreadsheet and live frugally.
27.  Vacuum more.
28.  Decide on a plan of action for Nielson Baby #2 (IVF? Adoption? Foster Care?), and go for it!
29. Start writing in my gratitude journal again.

I'm already feeling overwhelmed... :)

Now for my most immediate goal: Getting this apartment out of boxes!!!  Ready, set, go.


  1. Great ideas and great goals! :)

  2. When will you BREATHE?!?! You go, girl! If anyone can do it then it's you! But I bet you're breaking #1 as we speak..... :)

  3. Awesome idea! Let me know when you make your blog books! I have been putting it off for years too. Maybe we should find a programmer and design our own blog to book website, since none available offer exactley what we're looking for!!

  4. vacuum more. That's my favorite one.

  5. Great list! Found your blog via Rage Against the Minivan. Thank you for your comment on my post there, I appreciated what you said.


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