Sunday, June 24, 2012

We have a walker!

Noah is walking!  He's been taking steps for almost a month now, but I was hesitant to say that he was "walking" because it was never more than a couple of unsteady steps at a time, and he definitely preferred crawling.   Well, in the past two days, he's started taking as many as 10-15 steps at a time, and he often chooses to walk a close distance to get a toy instead of crawling to it.  I think it's safe to say that we now have a walker!!  I can't believe it, and I am surprised by how sad it makes me feel.  It almost feels like the last major baby milestone. How is he growing up so fast?  I just want him to stop!

The first video was taken yesterday, when he was still tentatively toddling, and the second video was taken today, when he had gained some confidence and was walking with more ease.  I can't imagine what tomorrow will bring...

Oh, and, as always, please forgive my annoying "baby talk" in these videos.  I always swore I would never "baby talk" to my kids.  This joins a long list of things that I swore I would never do as a mother--but that I do in fact do.  Anyway, maybe you better just press mute before watching the videos because my voice is truly unbearable.



  1. yeah, that is so fun. When Porter first started walking it brought a tear to my eye. He is so cute and looks great. Don't you love the zombie walk? And I love how he stopped and was like wait a second, no one is holding me.

  2. I don't know what I like better...his excited squealing or the fact that he is so motivated to walk to a soccer ball. He would get along great with my boys! :)

  3. The squeaks in the first movie are melting my heart while Granny is taking the honors in the second. :)

  4. He is so good! I can't believe he is walking so young! Okay, maybe not quite 11 months isn't that young, but it seems young to me!

  5. 1. I can't believe he is walking!! I don't think Grace walked until she was 17-18 months. And I love his squeals and giggles. He is such a star! :)
    2. That is NOT embarrassing baby-talk. Promise.
    3. Is that Bapa in an apron? I seriously love him.

  6. James is SO CLOSE to taking those first steps. I think he'll do it in the next two weeks.

    Very, very exciting! And Danielle's right, that's hardly embarrassing baby talk, that's just encouraging Mama talk!

  7. So funny! So cute! Thanks for sharing, Rach.

  8. I am very disappointed in your "truly unbearable" baby talk. I have heard truly unbearable baby talk from you, but that ain't it, girl! You want a video of TRULY unbearable baby talk???? Well then I should post my video of Callum pushing a chair. "He's a-MAAAA-zing!! He's so a-MAAAAA-zing!!!!!!!!!" :)

  9. Awww! BIG BOY! I tried to post on your blog forever ago, but blogger wouldn't let me, so I am back and we shall try again. First of all, those pictures of Noah in the pool are SO adorable. He just looks like he is having the time of his life. Second of all, I thought you should know that baby talk (motherese) is actually really good for Noah's development. The high pitched voice catches a babies attention and helps them recognize that you are talking specifically to THEM. Therefore, they are more likely to focus on your words. Also, when you talk in motherese, you move your mouth differently. Your lips move in a more exaggerated way, which shows your baby how to use their own mouth to replicate the sounds you are making.

    Although, I do know what you mean about feeling silly listening to it. I kind of feel horribly embarrassed when I listen to my voice in all our family videos. I feel like I sound even MORE ridiculous than I thought I did in real life. :)


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