Monday, June 4, 2012

Pictures from our Trip to Utah and Idaho

Visiting Katie and Drew!

Noah looks quite pleased to be holding his birth mom's hand
Katie graduated from high school on June 1st, and Noah tried out her hat the day before. :)
Happy to be with his birth dad :)
Love them

Isn't the kitchen gorgeous?
Noah watched intently as Grandma made Mom's birthday cake

Caving with the family in the Idaho desert!

Sally's brother Dave and his wife Valerie are big cavers, so they took us on a Nielson-family adventure.
We're ready!
This cave was created by an underground lava flow thousands of years ago.
The cave was very easy, so Noah got to come along!
He was so good--didn't cry or whimper once.  He likes adventures.
Heading down into the depths 
Dad and Noah stooping in a narrow portion.  
And then an even narrower portion!
Don't worry--this stretch only lasted about five feet and it opened up to huge caverns on either side.
As you can see, Noah was quite happy about the tight squeeze.
Most of the cave was wide and tall like this...thank goodness.  I am super claustrophobic and quite clumbsy, so this kind of a cave was perfect for me.  
Going to Tanner's baseball games in the evenings!

Is there anything better than a warm summer night at the ball park?
It was a very very verrrrrrrrrry fun trip.  We wish we lived closer to the Nielsons.  Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair that we only get to see them a couple of times a year--but that's life, I guess.  We hope they'll come visit us in Colorado soon!

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  1. Caving?! FUN! Noah is so ridiculously photogenic! What a little poser! I love his eyes. I always thought they were Katie's, but they are actually a mix of the two! Katie's big shape and color, but turned down like Drew's in the corners. They look so much alike in those pictures! He's a great mix of the two of them.


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