Sunday, October 5, 2008

Playing Mom

Lately, Ryan has been quite intrigued by the idea of having a kid. This makes me feel...a little nervous. So, when my friends asked me to babysit the past two weekends, I thought it would be a great way to "test the waters." Last weekend, I watched cute little Madi Cardon (3 months) for the evening while her parents went to a hockey game, and this weekend, we watched fun little Max McIntier (3 years) for about 24 hours while his dad took the LSAT and his mom went to NYC with her parents. It was an adventure!! When Madi arrived, I think she had an upset stomach. She started screaming right when her mom left, and so I called Ryan and held up the phone and let her scream into it for a while. I was chuckling, picturing Ryan squirming in the library thinking, Oh no! Rachel's never going to give in now! Luckily, after one explosive diaper, Madi calmed right down and slept like an angel for the rest of the night. :) I think Ryan was even more relieved than me!

Isn't she adorable??

Max has tons of personality and kept us laughing the whole weekend with his funny comments and questions. I was nervous that he would be hard to entertain, but he perfect! We had a sleepover, and in the morning, he helped me make pancakes. While he was stirring, he asked me, "Rachel, during the movie last night, when I fell asleep, did you hold my hand?" I said, "Maybe." He said, "Why?" "Because I love you, Max!" I replied. He looked confused and said, "But I wasn't in the road!" :)

So, "playing mom" wasn't half bad! In fact, it was quite fun! (Don't tell Ryan...)


  1. Now that you have experienced an infant and a toddler how about trying them both together? What are you doing this weekend? Do you want to take Kenzie and Parker:) (Don't worry I am just kidding). You and Ryan are amazing and will be great parents one day.

  2. Good! Little CC needs a cousin her age to play with! (Although I do enjoy being the center of attention as the only one providing grandchildren at this point! However, that is not going to change on the McKenna side for a loooong time, so I'm willing to share if you're interested.) :)

  3. Can I just say, I'm totally jealous that I don't have you guys here. We miss your guts. We should go on a vacation together when Ryan is done. Also, there is no one here that would have as much fun with Jonas as you two would (except us of course)... he is even more fun then last time you saw him.

  4. I'm sure glad someone told that Max-kid's parents to CUT HIS HAIR cause he looked like a rascal.

    Thanks again for your generous time with our misfit child--literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD at that shot. Priceless.


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