Power of Moms

I am an editor for a website called Power of Moms.  It's an awesome resource of articles and programs for deliberate mothers.  You should definitely check it out.

Anyone can submit writing for publication on the website...even you!

These are the articles that I have written for the site (I will add to this if new articles are published):

         The Best Year of My Life? (my experience with a colicky baby)
         Creating Highlights (advice on using your energy wisely as a mother)
         Worth Fighting For (my mother's 13-year battle with breast cancer)
         Rachel Nielson: A Mother, A Writer (a "spotlight," mostly about how writing has helped me)
         It Is What It Is (a strategy I learned for coping with everyday stresses)
         Mushy Love Letters (my tradition of writing love letters to Noah)
         The Surprising Way I Confronted My Eating Disorder (narrative therapy from my counseling)
         Unhealthy Stress or Habits? Break the Cycle! (a podcast about what I learned in counseling)
         Anchored by Beautiful Moment (strategies for finding joy in the midst of motherhood chaos)
         Three Strategies for Being a Less Annoying Parent (avoiding battles with strong-willed kids)
         How My Son's Routine-Chart Helped Me Be a Better Mom (holding Noah and me accountable)
         How to Journal as a Busy Mom (five strategies for finding time to keep records as a mom)
         Listening to and Loving your Body through Intuitive Eating (podcast about eating & exercising)
        Finding Hope and Beauty in Motherhood (podcast where I read four of the articles I've written)

These are a few of my favorite articles* from the site (I will continually add to this as new articles are published):
           Your Children Want YOU!!!
           Joy...or "Just Wait"?
           I'm Not Sorry
           Mommy is a Person
           The Power of a Pause
           I See The Moon
           Knowing When to Breathe In and When to Exhale
           My Life is Full...Maybe A Little Too Full
           Spiritual Sundays: There Is Enough Oil
           Love Loans
           I Talk To The Trees
           Landing Gratitude
           Mommy's Quiet Time 101
           Derailing the Mother Worry Train
           Unrushed Moments (written by one of my best friends)
           To Expectant Mothers: A Warning (written by one of my best friends)
           Riding the Motherhood Waves of Pain and Joy

*It's really hard to choose favorites because they are all awesome...so I suggest you just subscribe to the site and start reading it regularly.  You won't regret it.



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