At the end of 2012, I was thinking about my life and feeling so grateful for my incredible family and friends--they are what make my life so rich and so special.  I had the idea that I could write a personal history, not about me specifically, but rather about the people who have made me who I am.  I decided that during 2013, I would write a tribute on my blog for each of the people whom I love on his/her birthday, and then I would bind them all in a book at the end of the year as a "personal history" to pass on to my children.

When I sat down and made a list of people whom I wanted to write about, I realized that I could not possibly write a tribute to all of the people whom I love.  I love a lot of people.  So I decided that, for now, I would limit this endeavor to family members (which is still a lot of people!).  

I know these posts might not be interesting to everyone, but I hope they are meaningful to the people I am writing about--and I hope they will be meaningful to my children.  Most of all, writing these posts has been meaningful to me, as it has given me a chance to reflect on my life and put down in words how much I love these remarkable family members of mine.  I am truly so blessed.

Here's a list of all of the tributes I've written thus far (some were were written in 2013 as part of my goal to write a personal history; others were written previously).  I will add to this list throughout the year.

My Husband
Ry Guy (birthday tribute 2013)

My Son
Two: A Love Letter (birthday tribute 2013)
Mushy Love Letters (published on Power of Moms website)

My Parents
Worth Fighting For (published on Power of Moms website)
My Dad (birthday tribute 2013)
Mama (birthday tribute 2013)

My Sisters
Laura (2013, 2012)
Sarah (2013, 2011)

My Grandparents
Grandma Barbara
Papa Scotty

My In-Laws

My Aunts and Uncles
Aunt Dana
Aunt Beth
Auntie Muriel
Aunt Jackie
Aunt Dayle
Aunt Kelly 
My Uncles, Part 1
My Uncles, Part 2

Other Tributes
She Gave Me More Than a Son (Noah's birthmother)
A Few Good Men (Father's Day post honoring my dad, my grandpa, Ryan, Ryan's dad, and Noah's birthfather)
The Soundtrack of My Life (BFFs from college, my mom, Ryan)

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