Friday, February 13, 2009

Howling Winds and Dancing Queens

Wednesday evening in Buffalo, the winds were a howlin' and the windows were a rattlin', and I woke several times throughout the night and thought, I hope this little apartment doesn't collapse.

In the morning, school was cancelled due to extreme winds and freezing rain and sleet, and good old Rounds Avenue was looking better than ever:

Last week, a friend described our street as "dingy." (We live on the "wrong side" of Eggert, a well-known street in Buff.) Well, a wind storm on the night before trash day made our precious little street a whole lot dingier. (The sad part is, no body will pick up all that litter until Neighborhood Clean Up day in the Spring...Gross.)

On a happier note, Ryan got a dance with Deborah's mom tonight at the church Valentines party. She even gave him a kiss afterwards! Funnest.


  1. Wow... how has the teaching been in Buffalo? Are you enjoying it?

  2. That does look pretty nasty! But this summer your street didn't look at all "dingy" was very cute and well kept! Cute dress, BTW.

  3. Love the pretty red dress Rach! Very festive! Your domestic goddess skills are amazing, I'm very impressed with your secret cupid skills! What a fun activity!


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