Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tattletale Janitors and Chris Farley Moments

Two posts in one day...this is unheard of!

At all the schools I've worked at, I always become great friends with the night janitors. Why? Because I am the only person left in the building when they are cleaning. (Still at school right now, in fact...)

At the present moment, however, I am not so happy with the friendly janitor Dave; he tattled on me today.

Allow me to explain: Each night when I am here late, he lets me into the office, and we sneak a little taste of whatever treat is laying around. Sometimes it's M&Ms in the secretary's bowl; other times it's a tupperware of brownies someone left in the staff room. This is not stealing because Dave has permission to eat whatever food is in the office, and he kindly shares with me.

Last night, he let me in the office and told me to "have at" whatever treats I could find. It just so happened that there was a leftover birthday cake on the back table--one of my favorites, yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Seeing as it was 8:00 pm, and I hadn't eaten all day, this cake looked especially appetizing, so I helped myself to a nice big slab... (Hey, don't judge me! It was left overs, and I was starving!)

Today, when Dave came in to work, the secretaries said, "Man, Dave! You must've been hungry last night! You sure ate a lot of that cake!"

At this point, he could've graciously taken the blame or at least said that he and I shared the treat; but no, he couldn't do that for his friend Rachel.

His response? "Actually, it wasn't me. It was Rachel Nielson."

Now the secretaries think it is simply hilarious that I put away about 1/3 of a cake by myself. I am never going to hear the end of it.

I am reminded of a particularly hilarious SNL skit.

I have to admit; I am soo Chris Farley when it comes to junk food. In fact, when Ryan and I were engaged, we went on a group date with my roommates, and each couple was served one gigantic piece of cake to share. As I was scarfing the gooey goodness, Ryan suddenly piped up in a small voice and said, "Um, Rachel? Can I have some?"

My roommates thought it was absolutely hysterical (because they related), and they still talk about it today. NO ONE wants to share food with Rachel!



  1. that made me laugh, rachel. that is so funny!

  2. Um, that clip is PERFECT! And so you! I must say, I love my sister, but I hate sharing food with you! xo

  3. No wonder I like you so much....put sweets in front of me and I can nibble away until they are GONE....If they aren't there I'm fine.


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