Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June Happenings

Since we've been home from our trip to see Ryan's family at the beginning of the month, we've had two more exciting family events in June: a weekend trip to Grand Junction to visit our cousins and swim in their amazing pool (Noah loved it) and my niece Jade's baby blessing in church (she looked like an angel).  Pictures below!

I adore this child.

He's a water baby.
Playing with Cousin Lauren

I can't handle the cuteness.  
I know it looks like a resort, but it's their back yard!

The obligatory family game of Knock Out (so fun!)
Ummm...can I squeeze her please?
I told you--she's an angel!
Beautiful family (minus Callum--he was running wild somewhere)
Aunt Rachel and Uncle Ryan with their favorite niece and nephew
Could those kids be any cuter?
We're looking forward to July!  We don't have any adventures planned yet, but I'm sure we'll find some!


  1. I love that Noah has the same face in all three pics! He is having way too much fun! And Jade is beautiful! I am in total love with her outfit. I want it for myself.

  2. No, they could NOT be any cuter. :)

  3. I can't wait to squeeze all three of them in just over a week!!!!


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