Friday, August 10, 2012

Noah Atticus, 12 Months Old


Noah Atticus

spunky, opinionated, giggly, wild

Lover of toy cars (which he rolls around the carpet saying "vroom!"), bedtime stories (which he is finally willing to sit still for), and the word "No!" (which he has heard Mom say one too many times when he tries to play in the toilet)

Who feels exuberant when he dives face-first into fluffy pillows, antsy when he is expected to sit still during church, and tentative when the vacuum cleaner is roaring around the apartment

Who needs to start giving Mom hugs and kisses (I cannot wait for this milestone!), to continue sleeping in a little later each morning (we now make it to 6:30 most days!), and to stop growing up so fast (seriously--can he be a year old??)

Who gives a barely intelligible "thank you" to anyone who hands him a toy he's dropped, a headache to Mom when he refuses to eat foods that he used to like, and a laugh to Dad when he tries to sing along with the chorus of "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns N' Roses

Who fears nothing, including walking off a flight of stairs, walking straight into a swimming pool, and walking away from Mom in a busy grocery store

Who would like to see chocolate chip pancakes on his plate for every meal, the neighbor's little dog Delilah each day, and more of his birthparents and the Nielson side of the family

Resident of an apartment covered in cute photos of him (with still more to be added to the collection, thanks to his adorable one-year photo shoot)



  1. Love all your recent posts, Rach! Such a cute little guy.

  2. I love the ones where he's sitting on the blankets, especially the one with the tie! What a cutie!

  3. My favorite is the one in the purple shirt with the blanket turned face down. I ADORE HIM!

  4. I just got caught up on your posts. That Noah is adorable! Congratulations on being home for Ryan's birthday AND planning something fabulous!

  5. Henry has those same pants that Noah has. Love them. Love little noah.


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