Thursday, October 4, 2012

Power of Moms

A few months ago, I stumbled across a website called Power of Moms that features tons of great mothering articles and resources.  All of the articles are written and submitted by regular moms about their daily experiences with their children.

I decided to revise something that I'd written for this blog and submit it to their website.  It is published on their website today!  Hooray!

If you have a minute, head over there and check it out:

I am going to try to submit an article every month.  It gives me a reason to keep writing.

You can write for their website too!  Here is the link to the requirements:  I encouraged one of my best friends to submit something that she wrote on her blog, and they published it last week.  It is really sweet, so you should read hers too while you are over there:

Motherhood is awesome, and writing is awesome.  That's just the plain truth.



  1. Oh Rachel!! I miss you so much! You're posts never cease to make me cry (tears of joy, of course!). I love the way you look at life and see it all exactly as it is... the joy and the pain. I so wish we could raise our little boys just down the street from each other! Love you!!!

  2. P.S. ~ I totally used the wrong "your." The english teacher in you must have cringed! Sorry!!

  3. I didn't even notice the mistake in your first comment, Doro!!! EEEEEK! I am losing my touch! Which is why I need to keep writing and editing. :)


  4. And you are awesome. That's just the plain truth.

  5. I just subscribed to Power of Moms. What an amazing resource! I look forward to reading more of your articles on there.


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