Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Secret Cupid 2013

Our annual Secret Cupid tradition was a success this year!

Ryan received surprises such as a "heart attack" in his car, a little book of Reasons I Love You, a snack bag with study treats (he is stressing about his upcoming Board exam), a batch of delicious homemade cinnamon rolls, a silky nightgown (don't worry--that was for me to wear, not him), and his favorite dinner, chicken cordon bleu.

I got the cute printables for the snacks here.
Rachel received a clean kitchen several days in a row (I think my Cupid sometimes forgets to get me anything, so he decides to clean instead, which is just fine with me), a coupon for a free massage by Ryan, a creative game called The Race of Love (more on that in a second), and some lovely roses.

You may be wondering how Noah is holding onto the stems of a bunch of thorny roses--well, if you look closely, you may notice that these beauties are artificial.  Men are funny.  I'm not going to say anything more than that.

The roses in all their artificial glory
My Cupid is very good at coming up with fun and random games for me to play each year.  This year, I had to compete in "The Race of Love."  When I walked into our bedroom, I saw hearts taped all over the walls and furniture with reasons why I am loved written on them.  My Cupid had left detailed instructions for me to compete in the game: I had to run around the room and grab each heart, shout the reason that I am loved loudly, and stick the heart to my body.  I had to gather all the hearts in two minutes or less.  I managed to do it because I am pretty athletic like that.

Noah didn't have a full week of Cupid surprises (we will start doing that for him next year--I think he will be just the right age to be super pumped about it), but Cupid did stop by his crib and leave him a little something on Valentine's Eve.

Little Noah is sleeping soundly, totally unaware of the delight that awaits him in the A.M.
The may be the happiest Noah has ever been first thing in the morning
The balloon was three times his size
Can't wait for Cupid to visit us next year!


  1. I think I'd almost prefer artificial, because they don't die. But then again they don't smell nice. It's a toss up! That is one awesome balloon!

  2. This is SO cute! I'm going to copy your Mom's tradition and do this for our family now.
    (You look great and I love your jeans).

  3. "I managed to do it because I am pretty athletic like that." Hahaha!!! You always make me smile, Niels. You are too adorable for words. (P.S. You look great.)


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