Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lady Jade Turns One

This sweet little princess turned one yesterday! Isn't she too much? 

When she was just a baby, her dad started calling her "Lady Girl" (which I think is an absolutely precious nickname), and the name really fits.  We now often call her "Lady Jade," which definitely fits, especially when her mom dresses her up in insane clothes like this:

Doesn't she look like a young duchess or heiress on Downton Abbey? Ryan recently said to me out of the blue, "We need to hurry up and have a baby girl."  Confused, I said, "Well, I agree--but why do you say that?"  He said, "Because we need an excuse to borrow all of Jade's clothes!"  So true--the princess really does have some amazing outfits and accessories:

Jade is the sweetest baby girl with a really good-natured temperament.  She is always smiling and babbling.  It has been so fun to see her little personality coming out these past few months, and I can't wait for the coming months when she will start talking and interacting with us.  I hope she's a little spit-fire like her mama. :)

I love being an aunt, and I love my sweet baby Jade!  It's been so fun to live close to her during the first year of her life.

Happy birthday, Lady Girl!


  1. Would it be possible just... kidnap her until she hits the temper tantrum stage and then return her? ;) lol


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