Sunday, February 2, 2014

San Diego!

After spending a few days in Denver with my family, we headed to sunny San Diego to see my sister and her hubby.  They were expecting a baby in a couple of weeks so they couldn't travel for the holidays--but it was sure fun to go to them instead and escape the gray, cloudy winter for a few days in paradise!

We walked on the Coronado beach and marveled at the golden sand, went paddle boating in the bay, went to Sea World for a day and loved the aquariums and shows, and watched the sunset over the ocean.  Perfection.

Noah loved spending time with his aunt and uncle.  They even watched him one night while Ryan and I went on our 8th wedding anniversary date.  Ryan and I went to dinner at an outdoor restaurant overlooking La Jolla Cove (very romantic!), and Sam, Laura and Noah went to the park and to see the Christmas lights at the San Diego temple.  Apparently while Sam was pushing Noah on the swings at the park, Noah scolded him, "That's too high, Sam!  You have to be careful!  You have to be careful with me!" :)  Sam must've really been pushing with vigor because Noah usually shouts at me, "Higher! Higher!  Faster!  Faster!" Apparently uncles are less cautious than moms, which is what makes them more fun!!

It was a very fun couple of days, and we wish we lived closer to Laura and Sam (and their new baby, Luke...more on him in another post!).  We also wouldn't mind living in a place that is 75 degrees year round, but for now, I guess we'll stick with good ol' Idaho.

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