Friday, November 7, 2014

Sally's Blessing Day

Our little Sally Grace was blessed in church by her daddy on Sunday, September 28th.  She is such a treasure, and it was a beautiful and special day.  Isn't she just a cherub in her little white dress??

I loved all of the sweet little details of her outfit, such as the dainty bracelet made by my Aunt Jackie and the darling booties knit by Ryan's Aunt Tammy.  The beautiful dress was a gift from Grandma Nielson (one of Baby Sally's namesakes), and I love how the sleeves kind of made her look like she had angel wings. :) And in an act of uncharacteristic craftiness, I actually made her headband! (Well, I took a pre-made flower and glued it onto pretty elastic--hey, it's something.)  I hope all of these special little touches from women who love her will mean something to Sally someday.

A lot of family came to celebrate Sally: Bapa came from Colorado; Uncle Derek, Aunt Alli, and Lily came from Utah; and Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Ashley, Baby Lucy (who was only two weeks old), and Great Grandpa Nip came from Pocatello.  Sally is so lucky to be so loved.

Ryan did a beautiful job on the blessing, and I was asked to sing a special musical number about Jesus, "Close Enough to Touch."  I hope Sally will remain close to the Savior throughout her life.

I love baby blessings because a father gets to speak to his child and give him/her sacred counsel and gifts--it's like a prayer but spoken directly to the baby.  He spoke all of the advice that he and I both wish for her and had discussed in the days prior.  I love seeing Ryan prepare for the blessings of our babies--he always takes time before that day to ponder and pray and reflect on the sacred responsibility it is to be a father to such precious spirits.  I love his tender heart and the closeness he feels to God.

In the blessing, Ryan told Sally that she is a gift to our family from Heavenly Father and that we are so grateful to have her in our home.  He told her that she has been such a happy, sweet baby.  He blessed her with a healthy, strong body and mind and encouraged her to always remember the good women in her life--to know and follow their examples.  He explained that she is named "Sally" after both of her Grandmas and she should look to their lives of faith and service and strive to emulate them.  He blessed her to understand the significance of her middle name "Grace," which is the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  It was only through Grace that we were able to bring her into our family, and he promised her that the atoning power of the Savior could help her throughout her life as well.  He told her that when she turns to Him, she will be able to do more than she could ever do on her own.

He encouraged her to understand the Gospel and to seek to live it throughout her life--to follow the commandments, search the scriptures, and lean on the knowledge of God.  He blessed her to be a light--to serve and reach out, lift up and inspire others.  He told her that her purpose is to be happy like Heavenly Father and to feel the power of Goodness in her life.

I loved everything he said, and I hope that Sally chooses to heed his counsel throughout her life.  Obviously, it will be up to her, but we plan to teach her all that we can about God because He has brought us so much peace and happiness.  Just like her brother, Sally is a miracle baby, and we thank God daily for her.  We are so lucky to be the parents of these amazing little people!

Noah's hair was a little pink from the color run he did with his dad the day before :)

Dear Sally Grace,  I am so smitten by you and so grateful to be your mama.  Can you tell by the joy on my face in these photos?  Do you see it in my eyes when I coo over you and talk to you as I change your diaper?  Can you hear it in my voice as I sing to you before bedtime?   Sometimes I say to your Daddy, "Do you think she knows how loved she is?"  I hope you do.  You are such a gift.

Thank you for coming to our family.  Thank you for teaching all of us more about love.  We can't imagine life without you.

Your Mama


  1. Oh my goodness Rachel, she is SO beautiful!

  2. Way too cute! AUNT SARAH NEEDS HER!! Such a beautiful blessing.

  3. In that first picture, there is something in her expression that makes her look quite a bit like her big brother! And she is absolutely precious in that last picture! I'm glad you got to spend the day with family for such a special time. :) Beijos!


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