Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life in the Buff...

A quick update on the "basics" of our life in Buffalo:

Ryan is a dental student at State University of New York at Buffalo (most commonly known as UB, University at Buffalo). He loves it! Doesn't he look cute in his scrubs?

We love the neighbor kids! It is endearing how they call us "Mr. Ryan" and "Miss Rachel." When we first moved here, we started a "Cookie Club" with them . After a few months of making cookies at least once a week, I realized that my pants size was steadily increasing (I eat about 20 cookies whenever I bake), so I recommended that we become the "Carrot Club" instead. Since they weren't too keen on that idea, we've decided that the "Cookie Club" can engage in activities other than baking--so we've started doing crafts, games, and bike rides together. (Don't worry, we still make cookies now and then.)

I am teaching 11th and 12th grade English at a high school in a suburb of Buffalo--Orchard Park High School. Although it is so much work (You'll notice it's dark outside the window of my classroom, and I'm still there!), I love it.

One of our favorite things about life in Buffalo is that there are so many young student couples to hang out with. Many of them go to our church, so we've gotten to know them very well. Being so far away from family, it's been awesome to have a support system of friends. (The above photo was taken with one of our favorite couples, the Cardons, at a lake in the Adirondack Mountains!)

One of our favorite new friends in Buffalo is Deborah Tilley. She joined our church just over a year ago, and we have the priviledge of driving her to church each week. She cracks us up! In spite of physical limitations that resulted from an unexpected stroke several years ago, Deborah has the best attitude about life. The other day she told me, "Rachel, I'm too blessed to be stressed!" I need to make that statement my life motto and stop stressing out so much! Deb is an example to me!

As you can see, in spite of the infamously cold winters, WE LOVE BUFFALO!


  1. If I ever engage in the Mormon way that is vinyl sign making, that will be my big seller: "I'm to blessed to be stressed." Got to love Deb.

  2. Rachel! Hello! Love the blog. You guys are amazing. Can I be just like you when I grow up?

  3. Wow!! Welcome to blogland! I love the pic of you and your neighborhood kids! That is awesome! I don't think I ever would have thought of starting a cookie club. How nice...what are you guys mormon or something? Very inspiring.

  4. A title like "Life in the Buff" can make a person nervous! Thank you for not actually posting in pictures of you in the BUFF, if you know what I mean! :)


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