Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why Blog?

I have been fighting the urge to join the blogging craze for quite some time now. Why? Well, first of all, Ryan and I don't have any kids, so why would anyone want to look at our blog? Isn't the entire purpose of blogs to post cute photos and stories of your kids for the grandparents and extended family?? (Let's face it, we are just not that cute.) Second, I don't feel like I have anything interesting to write about. My life generally consists of teaching, teaching, and more teaching, and Ryan's consists of studying, studying and more studying. Who would want to read about that? (Okay, I'll admit, I sometimes do have hilarious teaching the time a 16 year old boy told me that he "needed to go #2" when he asked to use the pass to go to the bathroom...he was totally sincere and was so awkward!) Third, as many of you know, I am a bit of a stress case, and I tend to overwhelm myself by "taking on too much;" so the thought of adding "update the blog" to my constant to-do-list really freaked me out. If I created a blog, I knew I would feel pressure to keep it updated--even if no one else ever read it or cared if it was up-to-date.

So why, in spite of these concerns, did I decide to start a blog? Well, this week, I've been working on a gift for my little sister: I used to create a book of her blog, and it turned out so cute. As I flipped through it, the inspiration hit me! Instead of adding to my to-do-list, a blog would actually reduce my to-do-list!! No more guilt about not journaling, scrapbooking, or writing long letters to friends and family! Through a blog, I can do everything at once. HOORAY!

So that's why the Nielsons are joining the blogging community! I hope that, even though we are not as cute as a snoogy little baby, you will all enjoy what we post. (And please don't mention it if I don't update for months at a can be sure I will already be stressed about that!) :)


  1. Yes! I love it. I waited awhile to join the blogging world too. Travis finally talked me into it. I even had the cute Jonas factor. I've enjoyed it though and I hope you will.

  2. I'm sorry, but blogs about babies are just about the boringest things in the whole world. (I hope none of my friends are reading this.) Because seriously, babies don't do much, and yet we are subjected to minute-by-minute details of that nothing that they do. And then you have the obligatory "exploded diaper" picture. Seriously, people! TMI!! TMI!!!
    I look forward to reading your blog, ESPECIALLY because you don't have kids. ;) I solemnly swear, when I have kids, I will still blog about myself. Because I am so fascinating.

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  4. Welcome to the blogging world, my friend. I totally fought the blogging thing for awhile too, but I've moved past pressure into having it be a release and be kind of fun. I think it will go down in the top ten craziest things I've ever heard that Rachel Westover feels like she wouldn't have anything interesting to write about. First of all, you do so many awesome things and have so many great thoughts you could fill 10 books about one day of your life. Second of all, with how amazing you are at writing, you could write something interesting abot 5 minutes of silence. ;) Seriously.
    Either way, I'm excited to see pictures and just feel like we get to chat and catch up now again.
    Love you tons!

  5. Em! What is your blog address? I want to get caught up! I miss you!

  6. Well, your blog is already one of the most interesting ones on my list of favorites, and it DEFINITELY kicks my lame-o blog's butt. I can't even think of anything to share except for my cute sonogram pic, which is 100% predictable. And, although my blog was started to be (and destined to become even more of) a "baby blog," I TOTALLY agree with Chelsea. Non-baby blogs are usually way better. Who HONESTLY needs to know every new sound your kid makes and food they try while making a funny face?!? No one but your siblings...and even they are faking interest most of the time. :)


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