Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fuddy Duddy Halloween

So...I think I'm getting old before my time. I mean, I'm only 24, and I am already turning into a complete and utter FUD. Guess what I wanted to do on Halloween? Get ready for this because it's pretty exciting...go get a space heater, hang insulation on our windows, and go to bed early. Am I a party animal or what?

Honestly, after a long week at school, sometimes I feel so exhausted on Friday nights I can't believe it. I just need the evening to recup. Plus, I usually only get Ryan's undivided attention one night a week because he spends the others studying, so our "to-do" list has grown long over the past few months; a lot of times our Friday night date is just grabbing something for dinner and then running errands and getting stuff done. Luckily, I always have fun when I'm with Ryan, no matter what we do.

This Friday (before we headed to Home Depot for the space heater) we tried Mighty Taco, a fast food chain that is famous in Buffalo. I had heard rave reviews, and let's just say it didn't live up to my expectations. I think it was the processed ground beef swimming in grease. Nasty.

Anyway, our actual Halloween evening was quite lame, but we did celebrate the week before at a couples Halloween party thrown by some friends from church. It was a great party with delicious food and great people.

Ry and I showed up as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. We look pretty authentic, don't we? (There is a mirror behind Ryan's head that sorta looks like a wig, so ignore that part. But we did use spray-in color to dye his hair black! It actually looked cute on him...but then again, what doesn't? Oh no, I'm gushing about Ryan again...)

I also dressed up for school on Friday. The staff all decided to dress 80s, so I busted out my cousin's 1980s prom dress. My co-teacher Sherry poofed up her hair, and all the kids thought it was a wig. We had fun.

(As a side note, Sherry is a special education teacher, and she teaches three of my 11th grade classes with me because I teach all of the 11th grade special education students. These aren't students with severe mental or physical disabilities--they are in regular classes but have reading disabilities or dyslexia, etc. Sherry and I work together to make the lessons, assignments, and assessments accessible for them. Many of them struggle academically, so it's so nice to have two of us to help them succeed. I absolutely love her, and we have a blast together.)

A lot of my students dressed up on Friday, but my favorite costume was Kim the Banana. She is one of my very favorite students because she is so positive, nice to everyone, and confident. You'd have to be confident to wear this get-up to school!

I love that Halloween gives us a chance to be a little goofy. It's the one day of the year that no one will be mocked for dressing differently or acting's great.


  1. So we have meaning to try out the Mighty Taco, but did receive a warning from a friend that the hamburger is soupy from all the grease... I was thinking I'd just try a bean burro :) I think it's totally acceptable to hit the sack early on a holiday. We're so glad you came to party the week before though!

  2. Your costumes were GREAT, that doesn't qualify as fuddy-duddy!! We have sadly only dressed up for one Halloween since we've been married and have yet to carve pumpkins. I know I have a lot of Halloween energy and enthusiasm in me somewhere so I am just saving it until we have kids. :) I promise! Remember Halloween dinner freshman year??

  3. I love the pictures, especially the prom dress! Can I just tell you that I think Mighty Taco is the worst place I have ever been to eat? Kaleen has tried to convince me that they use dog meat. I don't think it's far from the truth.

  4. I am so excited to find you have a blog! I had no idea! I am also glad to see you still celebrated Halloween --- when the post started I was about to ask where our Rach had gone?!?! Halloween always makes me think of you :) I look forward to checking on here and getting updates! Miss you!

  5. You went to a couples' party as Harry and Hermione? What kind of crazy fan fiction have you been reading?!?
    I think you need to reread the epilogue of the Deathly Hallows and find out who really ended up with whom. ;)

  6. I hear you sister, when I was teaching I was ALWAYS exhausted on Fridays too. I almost always had to go to bed early on Friday's for 3 years!!!


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