Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Teaching IS fun...I promise!

I must apologize for my rant about teaching last week. Here are some more fun photos from our class play to reinforce that I actually do love my job. :)

This was by far the funnest unit I've ever taught...the students loved it, I loved it...we're all sad it's over!

The patients play basketball in the Day Room of the mental ward...with Mr. Ruckley as the basket!

Nurse Ratched forbids the men to watch the World Series...
but McMurphy gets them to fight back!

McMurphy and Chief Bromden are in straightjackets...about to get Electro Shock Therapy!
(I put the overhead on them as a spotlight and then flickered it when they were getting "shocked." They pretended to get electrocuted. It's supposed to be a serious moment in the play...but let's just say, we were all laughing because of our terrible special effects.)

Candy and Billy "get married"

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  1. Those students are so lucky to have you as a teacher, Rach! By the way, you make a dang cute Hermione!


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