Monday, September 7, 2009

It was a zoo today...

Ry wanted to go to the Buffalo Zoo today. Apparently, he wasn't alone in this desire--I think the majority of Buffalo had the same idea as he did. (It was $1 day.) When we first pulled up and saw the crowds, I was not happy. Ryan told me to smile for the camera, but I gave him this face instead:

P.S. I look so lovely because we also went running at the park near the zoo.

Ryan thought that my grumpiness was so humorous that he decided to try it out:

Once we got inside, it was kinda fun--the people were as interesting to watch as the animals. $1 Day at the zoo attracts an interesting demographic. (And hey, we were among them.) I've never seen so many tattoos, crying children, and low-rise pants in all my life.

This morning, I finished reading the book The Life of Pi, which is about the son of a zookeeper and his adventures with animals, so it was great timing for me to go to the zoo. I kept thinking about scenes from the book as I peered into the cages.

The polar bear cheered me up, as did the lion...

It was a fun outing. Ry and I had been bickering a bit all weekend, so I'm glad that he still invited me to go with him. He's a pretty good sport for putting up with me when I am grumpy.


  1. I would have been seriously ticked off. I hate crowds. And did Ry get a haircut? And is it just me or is it parted? :)

  2. We almost went to the zoo today! Weird! We were literally on our way in the car when Ann called and wanted to swim at the Thomases so we changed our plans. You have a good husband. Those pics are funny! And the people at our zoo are GHETTO as well! The St. Louis zoo is free daily, so there is ALWAYS an interesting demographic there!

  3. I love how cuddly and snuggly the little polar bears are.... except that they'd eat you.

  4. Andrew read "The Life of Pi" a few weeks ago because of our airport discussion of it. You two should talk symbolism. I made him tell me all about it so I didn't have to read it. Sounds interesting, if you will.

    Do you run with glasses on? You're a pro if you do. No sweat, no slide. Bet that's helpful.

  5. I was totally wearing that same shirt a couple of days ago. I promise I'll write you soon.


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