Saturday, September 12, 2009

"With great dissatisfaction,"

That was my "heated" closing to a complaint letter I wrote this morning to the Net10 cellphone company.  Do I have vicious rhetoric, or what??

I also threatened that I would "tell all my friends and family to avoid Net10" and would "post my negative experiences with Net10 on my internet site." HA HA HA! My dinky personal blog is hardly an internet site and certainly no threat to Net10...I bet they are super scared by me.

Anyway, I had to follow through on my threat, so I am passing on the info to all of you: Net10 stinks. Don't use them. Every time we've had a question, their customer service line has given us a huge run around, kept us on hold for hours, and failed to solve a single problem for us. We have had such a negative experience with them--every step of the way.

I guess you get what you pay for. We were pumped to no longer have an expensive cellphone contract with Verizon, but the cheap price of a Net10 phone comes with crappy customer service in foreign countries and faulty products that don't work.

Net10, I am greatly dissatisfied with you.


  1. You should keep on blogging about how dissatisfied you are with them (like in every blog post from now on) and it will show up when people google search their company. Assuming you have google search enabled on your blog still. That will teach them ;)

    In all seriousness I'm sorry you are having a hard time dealing with them. I actually had a difficult time dealing with Verizon not too long ago. Apparently it's "difficult" to send bills to customers from months ago...I needed something with Carl's name on it to help prove his residency here in NY. He got denied the first time around. It was SUCH a pain. They kept on trying to email me the bill, but the file was corrupt, so I could never use it..I had the call them about ten+ times. Talk about frustrating!!

    Sorry I just wrote a novel in your comment section, you just happened to spark an old frustration Haha :)

  2. So did you cancel his phone? You aren't gonna stick with the suckies are you?

  3. Wow. You ARE vicious. I am terribly, terribly frightened. Love the Tad Hamiliton reference.

  4. Now I feel bad for recommending them, especially when I've already learned through experience that it's easier to never have to deal with them (buy the prepaid cards), but that doesn't always work out. Sometimes the codes don't work, and you have to call them anyway. And almost every time I buy minutes online, I have to call them to get the minutes to show up. So yeah, that's a pain.

    But the truth is, I've had sucky customer service from AT&T, Verizon, and Cingular, among others. It's probably just par for the telecommunications industry course. They've all left me greatly dissatisfied.

    On a related note, have you heard about the take back the beep campaign? Keep voicing your (great) dissatisfaction, and maybe they'll take up your cause too.


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