Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas is...

Ice skating on a frozen lake in the Colorado mountains...

Do we look like professionals? Believe me, we weren't.

Hanging out with the crazy LaBonde cousins...

Jordan and Laura were quite impressed by the "Slap Chop" that Sam ordered for Laura off of an infomercial. Good gift, Sammy!

Bundling up in ridiculous, warm clothes and creating snow creatures...

Laura enjoyed her long hat;
Ryan enjoyed his hot pink neck warmer.

This snow alien had a was awesome.

Taking a million family photos in an attempt to get at least one in which no one has closed eyes, a double chin, or a glasses glare ...

We weren't successful, thanks to my glasses and Sam's squint. Oh well.

Opening presents around the tree on Christmas morning...

My mother-in-law made me an adorable apron, and Laura made Sarah an adorable apron. Now, we both better learn to cook!

Spending time with the cutest old people on the planet, my Gramps and Grammy...

Notice the apron.

Grammy didn't want to wear her "church clothes" all day and asked to borrow some of our PJs. Laura's husband Sam is in the Navy, so we loaned Gram his Navy t-shirt and made her do a "stern Navy salute." Oh my, she is such a cutie.

It was a great week with family, and I am a little depressed to be back to "real life" and heading to work hoo.


  1. Boo to real life! Miss you already!!!

  2. I LOVE your family. I want you all to move in down the street from me. OK? OK, having Laura about 25 minutes is awesome so I can't complain. I am so glad to have you all for cousins. That pic of granny is fantastic. WOW-Laura's apron turned out amazing. Too bad you poo pooed her idea or you could have had one too. :)

  3. That looks like a perfect place to spend Christmas, a beautiful home, snow and all of your family.

  4. It is so fun for you to have two sisters so close in age to do such things... plus, to be in the same stage of life. My one sister is six years older and has been married for over ten years and has three kids! Don't get me wrong... I still love spending time with her though! :)

  5. oh my gosh grammy and grampy are the cutest people alive! i love them! wish i could have seen you all when you were there...
    luv meg


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