Friday, January 1, 2010

Could this child be any cuter?


I loved seeing my nephew, Callum, this week. I even witnessed his first steps! (He took six steps while I was playing with him one evening; therefore, I must be his favorite aunt! Just kidding, Laura...don't kill me!)

I will miss him!


  1. OK, gonna have to agree. VERY VERY cute kid! I can't wait to meet him when Sarah comes out in January. Laura says you are coming in Feb or April. YES!!!

  2. I need him!!! I didn't get any pics of your camera. Will you send them? :)

  3. Aww he's very cute. Ilove his hair!

  4. My child is pretty much the best ever. Irresistible! I LOVE HIM!!!

  5. CUUUUUTE pictures Rach! I'm so glad you all were together for Christmas.

  6. AFter seeing all of the cute pictures of that little guy, I am so gad that I finally got to meet him! I got to see Sary and meet Callum over Thanksgiving! :)

    Miss you guys!


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