Saturday, July 24, 2010


I am frustrated tonight.

Here's why:

1.  It is impossible--literally IMPOSSIBLE--to surprise my husband with a gift.  Without fail, he either finds the gift or the receipt or the packaging, and he's not even looking for it.  It makes me never want to buy him a gift again.  Just a minute ago, I heard paper crumpling and then Ryan said, "Kan Jam?" in a confused voice.  I stormed out of the kitchen, and, sure enough, he was staring at the receipt, which I thought I had hidden carefully in my purse.  Too bad he went through my purse looking for a different receipt.  I told him I am going to return it, and he's not getting a birthday gift.

2.  It is like 200% humidity here in Buffalo.  The sweat constantly dripping down my face and back is enough of an annoyance, but that's not where my true frustration lies: I am most frustrated about my mop of hair.  My sisters, unlike me, are good at hair and make-up.  They always have been.  As fate would have it, they were also both born with naturally curly hair--which is incredibly easy to style, especially in humidity.  Get out of the shower, scrunch with moose, and voila...perfect.  I, who cannot manage a round brush or a flattening iron to save my life, was born with the straight hair that turns into a nest of fly-aways in humidity.  Does this seem fair??  Even a pony tail looks terrible because I get wonky curls at the very front.

And so, I think I have forever given up 1. buying gifts for my husband and 2. styling my hair.  Lucky man.


  1. Very funny, especially the last line. However, I have two things to say:

    1. Don't ever complain to me about Buffalo's humidity again. It was 98 degrees here yesterday. BEFORE taking humidity into account.

    2. MY hair?! In HUMIDITY?! PERFECT?!? It's a fluffy, sweaty disaster! That's why I pull it up every single day now. I suggest you do the same, at least during the summer.

    Love you!

    And, by the way, what is "Kan Jam"??

  2.'re making me not want to return!! :) I hate taking a shower...and then thinking "why did I do that, I feel gross already!". I'm also one of those people whose make up slides right off from the humidity.

  3. Rach, you're so dang funny. I am right there with you on the hair thing. Humidity is the worst!!! I put mine up every single day ... there is no other option.


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