Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What we will miss:

Ryan and I just finished cleaning up from last night's shindig.  Yes, I realize it's more than 24 hours since the party ended...but after the exciting day we'd had, when the last guests left, we turned off the light and collapsed in our bed.

We intended to clean immediately when we got home from school today, but then we got distracted and spent several hours on our computers.  (Does this happen to anyone else??)

But it's okay that I am up late cleaning because, guess what?  School has already been canceled for tomorrow!

Three cheers for Snow Days!!
                   Hip hip hooray!
                          Hip hip hooray!
                          Hip hip hooray!

I have had a Snow Day about once a week for the past month.  It is heavenly.  That is something I will really miss about Buffalo.

But it's not the only thing I will miss.

I will miss the craziness of our church congregation.  I love the Buffalo Ward:

I will never forget Deb or Zig
or Laney (pictured here enjoying a marshmallow with Miss Deb)
I will miss my students who humor me in my endeavors to make learning fun:

Our play of One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
I will miss my colleagues:

Sherry and I love clowning around.

I will miss our neighborhood:

The Cookie Clubbers have grown up so much since this photo was taken 3.5 years ago!
Most of all, I will miss all of our wonderful friends, pictured here at last night's party:

The Daytons
The first family we met in Buffalo
Our neighbors and dear friends
Taylor and "Aunt Rachel"
When he was  a newborn, Tay used to sleep in my arms as I graded papers.
Now I am his favorite babysitter!
The Majeronis
The second family we met in Buffalo
Some of the funnest people we've ever met
(as you can see from Dave's cheesy grin)
The Trockels
A favorite family from Ryan's dental class
Denyse and Tiffany
representing the Carter family (our fun home teachers) 

and the Cardon family (a favorite family from the dental class) 
The Voelckers
Our neighbors and buddies
Ryan and Thayne
From the beginning, they've both been working to specialize in pediatric dentistry,
and they both matched!

We have loved living in Buffalo.  I woke up this morning feeling melancholy.  How can it be almost over?

We will miss it.

More on Ry's residency match tomorrow...


  1. You look really beautiful in these pics, RW! Are they from the party? You look like you've lost lots of weight! Score! :)

  2. Great pics! That's awesome you know Thayne. You'll have to tell him and Natalie I say hi! I know them through mutual friends. Crazy small world.

    Congrats so much that you're going to Denver. I love it there so much. I hope you enjoy your time at home Rach!

  3. Great party! We are so sad you are leaving. We were really hoping you would match in Buffalo.


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