Monday, February 14, 2011

SC was here.

An "I Love You" Mug for Ryan:

A Clean House for Rachel:

A Refrigerator Display for Ryan (with cute love magnets):

Unexpected Additions to the Refrigerator Display for Rachel:
(This was my favorite surprise of all...his captions are really clever!)

A Fun Game for Ryan:

A Fun Snow Message for Rachel:

And a Rose and a Fancy Necklace too:

It was a great week.

SC, I love you.  


  1. Cutest!!!!!!!! We haven't done SC since our first year of marriage. My man sucks at that stuff, so it's more of a family/kid thing in our home. We're gonna start it again next year with Cal b/c I think he'll get excited about hiding stuff for Daddy. :)

  2. Love that picture of Ryan in bed. And he is a pretty good secret cupid. He came up with some darn good ideas.

  3. Those bubbles were really funny! Happy V-Day!

  4. This is seriously hilarious. And seriously creative.

  5. I love that!!! We did SC this year, but it was lamer than usual. Mostly it was various food items. :) Typical.

  6. A little (or lot) cheesy, but sweet! I am glad sc made an appearance again this year.

  7. oh heavens HOW CUTE!

    can i say it?
    i am jealous!?!
    if only men i have known would do such things ;)


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