Friday, April 22, 2011

Why I Hate Games

I do not like board games.  First of all, they are boring.  Second (and this is the biggie), why would I want to spend hours thinking intensely and strategizing and stressing over a game?  I spend enough of my time thinking, strategizing, and stressing over my job and my life--I do not want to do any more of that "for fun."  No thank you.  Real life is hard enough.  When I relax with friends, I want to do something mindless.  (Like chat for hours and eat dessert--which is what I did with some girlfriends last night.  So fun!)

I realized the other night that I have similar feelings about sports.  I went to watch one of Ryan's indoor soccer games, and the entire time, I was filled with angst.  Will he do well?  Will his team win?  If they don't win, will he be disappointed in himself?  I honestly had the biggest pit in my stomach and had to do some deep breathing during their over-time penalty kicks.

All this for fun??  Insanity!!!  If my kids play high school sports, I might need to use a tranquilizer before each game.

Unfortunately for me, with Ryan as his dad, I'm guessing that our son will play sports.  Ry loves any and all sports, and people tell me that he is good at all of them.  In fact, Ryan's 10 Year Prediction published in the dental school yearbook says: "Abandons dentistry for several pro sports contracts.  Reverts back to his bowl cut."

Bowl cut?  I don't know what they're talking about.

Well, the other night, Dr. Bowl Cut botched his penalty kick.  It went straight to the goalie.  The pro sports scouts in attendance are probably reconsidering their offers.

Fortunately, his teammates came through, and they won their game and will be heading to the championship match on Tuesday night.  Oh yeah.  If it weren't the night of my baby shower, I would feel obligated to take a tranquilizer and go to cheer for them.  But as it is, I will be chatting with girlfriends and eating delicious desserts instead.  I can't wait.

I snapped this photo of Ry with his all-star team.  He is mad because he didn't realize that the guys didn't put their arms around each other, so he looks like a creeper with his arm around the girl.  Ha!  I love it.  I bet she enjoyed a moment with my sweaty husband.  He is hot stuff.


  1. Haha---Dr. Bowl Cut the creeper! :) I agree wholeheartedly about sports, but games aren't that stressful unless you're playing with intense people, which I try to avoid. I love games! They can make an awkward family outing much more enjoyable...believe me!!

  2. We are too similar! I completely agree about sports and games... they stress me out. Why is Settlers so popular?! No thank you. That's why I love games like "Would you Rather" and "loaded questions". They are fairly mindless and encourage talking and acting silly! And I'm so glad you took a picture of the team!! When they win the Championship I'll have to do a post also. :) I'm cracking up over Ryan and his soccer girlfriend haha!

  3. I love sports AND games! I guess it's the competitive edge in me. Too bad I'm a terrible athlete. Hopefully our kids will pick up on the Hubs' abilities. Love the "creeper" shot. Haha!

  4. I don't know how you missed the game playing genes from the Westover side. I LOVE playing games. And before I read your caption I looked at that picture and laughed that Ryan had his arm around the girl!

  5. And that was Amber, not Josh.

  6. That IS a serious bowl cut. Classic! Can't wait to see you guys!!

  7. I hate "bored" games too! One time I got suckered into playing Settlers of Katan (I don't know if that's how you actually spell Katan, but I won't do that game the honor of looking it up. Spell check thinks I'm trying to spell Settlers of Satan, which kind of makes me giggle.) on a date... not a good experience. I think the game lasted like two hours and I was pulling my hair out. And I WISH I could go to your baby shower. If I lived closer I'd be there!

  8. I feel this way about most movies...I get all worked up thinking about everything else I could be doing and if it is anything other than a romantic comedy with a happy ending, I feel like I've volunteered to feel anxious etc. I also agree with the sport part....I find myself caring about something I just don't care about. Jeez...give me a good card game any day!!! Love the creeper Ry!


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