Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Come To My Baby Shower (if you want to)

My friends here in Buffalo are throwing me a baby shower.  Now I know that the baby won't be coming for 113 more days (but who's counting?)--however, Ry and I will be moving away from this wonderful place in a month, so my friends insisted that we celebrate now.  I have the best friends ever.

If you would like to come, please do!  Everyone is invited.

Leave a comment if you need more details.  We didn't want to put too much on the worldwide web.

Because I've devoted the last five years of my life to teaching, my friends chose a "school" theme for the shower.  I think I will wear one of my sweaters.  I challenge everyone else to come in their best teacher attire.  (I am not kidding.  Is that allowed, Tiffany?)

Speaking of teachers, my friends at work are throwing me a little shower/going away party too.  I am getting so sad to leave them.  I still haven't told my students that I will be leaving early, but I plan to break the news on Monday.  I think their pain will be assuaged when I tell them that I am leaving behind the gumball machine.

One chapter of my life is ending and another is beginning.  It's exciting--but also a little sad and a little scary.  I hope I enjoy being "Mom" as much as I've enjoyed being "Mrs. Nielson."  (I know I will!)


  1. Rach, You are hilarious my friend. This shower just keeps getting good idea after good idea added to it. I am beyond excited for Tuesday night and hope you like it! I am going to have to dig up my ugliest sweater. Does it matter if it's Christmas? I love you Rachel!

  2. First of all, I hope you wore sweater number 1 because I actually really like it because it makes me think of my first grade teacher.... from 1989. I LOVED her.

    Secondly= BABY SHOWER SO EXCITING! Doesn't it make it feel all the more real? :) *stars in eyes*

  3. Rach, can I get an address for you? If you'd prefer things sent to CO so you don't have to pack them, that's fine too. Let me know!
    Becca Beth Wright (at) G mail

  4. You will enjoy it SOOO much more! Because this little person will kiss you right on the lips and give you baby snuggles! :) You are leaving behind the gumball machine?!?!?!?! Your kids will love it!!! And if you didn't want it in your house it would be a perfect grandparent's house thing so it was a special fun treat that would liven up Bapa's joint! :) Wish I could be there! My shower won't be nearly as creative, but the food will ROCK!!!!!!


  5. I wish I could come but sadly we live across the country now. shoot me an email with your address sometime so i can get a baby gift in the mail!

    did you register anywhere?

  6. I hope you have fun at your shower!!

    I just realized you asked me a question in a comment on my blog. My book is called "Prepare Now for the Temple: An Essential Guide for Young Adult Sisters." You can find it on Deseretbook.com or on Amazon.com.

    AND because I am an adoptive mom, I will give a free, autographed copy to any birth mom who is preparing to go to the temple. :)

  7. Wish I could have celebrated with you but I guess it wasn't at Natalie's afterall :-( I hope it was great!!


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