Monday, May 23, 2011

Final Hurrah

My friends from school threw a baby shower/going away party for me.  I loved it.  I am going to miss these ladies A LOT:

From left to right:

Kary: Her baby boy is due in June! :) She and I co-advised the literary magazine together this year, and we had fun!

Julie: Her baby boy is due in August, right after ours.  It makes me happy to see her so cute and pregnant because it gives me a gauge for how our boy is growing.  She is so delightful and has been a great friend.

Melissa:  Melissa has been on maternity leave this year, but she decided to come back to finish the school year for me.  So she is currently teaching my classes, and the kids are thrilled because she is awesome.

Lisa:  Lisa and I started teaching at the high school the same year, and we became fast friends.  I will miss our outings to Panera and TGIFridays.

Kristen: We co-advised the literary magazine for a year.  She has been one of my biggest supporters during the past two years of fertility treatments and adoption drama.  We shared a free period this year, and I would vent to her every day, and she has the best advice and words of comfort.

Danielle: We job-shared this year.  She taught two classes in the morning, and I taught three classes in the afternoon.  Danielle is brilliant and I learned so much from teaching with her.  She encouraged me to teach one of the Honors classes this year, and it was a great experience.  I will miss our "steamed milk dates" where we discussed literature and life.

Awesome self-portrait
Sherry:  I've written about Sherry before.  My first three years at the high school, I taught the "blended" classes which have a high concentration of students who have Individual Education Plans.  Sherry was my special education co-teacher.  We planned and taught together, and we became great friends.  I will miss laughing together about our crazy students!

And here we are getting excited about the baby!

My favorite gifts were from Sherry because she made reference to some of the novels that we have taught together.

The note with this little ducky robe read, "Now you can answer with confidence when your son asks you, 'Where do the ducks go in the winter?'."  Name that novel!

The note with this ensemble said, "I hope there's a little bit of McMurphy in your son's personality.  Better brush up on your poker...'Hey ya! Hey ya! Hey ya!'"  One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, anyone?

Many other favorite colleagues attended the party, but unfortunately I didn't get a photo with everyone.  I have had the best work environment in the world these past four years.  I will miss it!!!


  1. And we will miss you so very much!

    You've always been such a great supporter of me...I wish we could've spent more time together while you were here.

    I know you'll be such a wonderful mother and be happy, which is just what we all want for you.

  2. I already miss you Rachel. The pictures are so cute (even if my bosoms are so enormous in that picture that it's scary) and I'm so glad that you enjoyed the shower.

    I'm sending you loads of love on your new Colorado adventure!!



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