Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wow! What a baby shower!

My friends from church threw the most beautiful, amazing baby shower for me.  They really outdid themselves, and I felt so loved.  I am lucky to hang out with girls who are talented artists and cooks, and I reap the benefits.  These are the ladies who made such a perfect night possible for me:

Candice, me, Laney, Rozannah, Tiffany, and Natalie
I gave them each a special gift the night before the shower: an awesome teacher sweater, vest, or turtleneck to go along with the "school" theme.  I must say, we looked lovely on the big night:

I found out later that there were even more ladies who made decorations and food, and I am so thankful to everyone who helped.  I should have brought a teacher sweater for everyone who came to the party!

I wish that all of my friends and family from across the country could have been there to celebrate with us, but since they couldn't, I thought I would give you a play-by-play of what I experienced and saw at the shower.  Sorry if this is post is long with lots of photos!

When entering the home, this is what I saw:

A wreath made from my favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird.  Tiffany, you are amazing.
The "homework assignment" was to write a bit of advice for me about how to be a good mom.

Guests had the opportunity to type their advice using a typewriter on an old-fashioned school desk...I know, too much, right??

Deborah getting started!

They hung all of the advice on this little "tree."
The best part about the advice tree was that they had contacted one of my colleagues at school and asked her to get some parenting advice from my students.  It was so cute, funny, and touching to read what my 15-year old students had to say!  A few of my favorites:

"Mrs. Nielson, when the baby cries, just put it in bed and walk away.  Also make Ryan change all of the diapers." Zach

"Get your kid a TV and video games.  They're not as bad as you think they are."  Joe

"Remember to always teach him Atticus-like qualities--though I doubt you could forget to do that!  I know you'll be a great mom." Rachel

"Remember if your little boy (Atticus?) gets a little too rowdy, there's always a leash." Gabby

"Mrs. Nielson, you have been one of the best teachers I've had because of all the great stories you've told us and all of the advice you've given this year.  I hope you tell your child all of the things you told us." Nicole

After reading the advice tree and getting choked up, I walked into the dining room and saw this huge spread of milk and cookies, the classic "after school snack" for all of the baby shower guests!

Yes, those are styrofoam lunch trays!
Thank you everyone who brought cookies!

Little milk cartons, just like elementary school.

And walking into the kitchen, I saw this:

A closer look
Decadent caramel apples!!!  There were more than just four--they sliced them and kept replenishing them throughout the night.  
The little pennant banner on the cake matched the big pennant banners hanging around the room.  They were made out of the pages of a children's book.  Rozannah, you are the best.

Pin-wheels made out of the same children's books.  Seriously the cutest thing ever.

Oreo truffles in the shape of tiny apples.  Thanks, Rachel S!

I wandered around and marveled over all of the decorative touches (and this wasn't even all of them--some of the little handmade creations weren't photographed.  I told you these girls are amazing!  I felt like I was in a Martha Stewart magazine!):

Banner made from old-fashioned children's ABC cards.  

The most beautiful topiaries ever, thanks to Deseree.
And then the guests started arriving!  (Sorry to post so many photos, but I never want to forget these ladies.  I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of everyone.)

You can sort of see the cute pennant banners in this photo.
Then I got to open lots of presents!  It was so fun!   I felt so spoiled and grateful:

After this shower, the baby boy will be well-dressed!
And after all the food and chatting and fun, on the way out the door, the guests got a little cookie to take home:

Thank you, Megan, for making all of these!
Amazing, right?  Are you as speechless as I was??  I have thrown a few baby showers in my life, and all I did was send out an evite and clean my house.  I have never made any sort of decoration or even theme food...I just ask all of the guests to bring something to share.

Driving home from the shower, I felt so humbled and grateful.  I can't believe how many people have supported us through these past several difficult years.  So many hugs, cards, phone calls, blog comments, and prayers.  How can I ever thank all of you who have loved me through some of the most difficult times of my life?  It meant the world to me to have the opportunity to celebrate this long-awaited baby boy with my "Buffalo family" and to have so many women whom I love in one place at one time.  I am sorry for those who couldn't join us for the shower, and you were missed.  I love the women of the Buffalo Ward!

My favorite gift of all is that I get to keep all of the gorgeous decorations from my shower--the wreath, the pennant banners, the book balls (not pictured), the book apples (not pictured), the topiaries, and the ABC banner--to decorate the baby's nursery.  As I look around that room, I will always remember the friends that we made in Buffalo, the women who were there for me during the heartache of fertility treatments and adoption disappointments, and the many people who prayed for and loved our son, even before he was born.

I am reminded of a scripture: "I cannot say the smallest part which I feel."

Thank you, Friends.  All of you.


  1. It looks like an awesome shower! I wish I could have been there. The Buffalo Ward really is a great family!

  2. So amazing!!! I want those topiaries for my house. They look like something straight out of the Anthro catalogue I was just longingly perusing. Wish I could have been there. xo

  3. Wow is right! There are some talented ladies out there in Buffalo!

  4. The shower was amazing!!!! Every detail was just perfect!!

  5. wow! that is is some serious baby shower action. IMPRESSIVE. you are loved rachel

  6. Well yes, I am in awe as well. Seriously impressive - that was a TON of work! I am so excited you get to keep the decorations for the baby's nursery - that is such a special touch and you will love it. Everything was so darling I can hardly stand it! You definitely are loved Rach! By the way, I know you are sad to leave, but you need to tell me when you are getting here so I can start counting down the days!!

  7. Unbelievable. No shower will ever measure up!!! What wonderful friends!

  8. That shower is incredible. I am so happy for you. I never want to throw a baby shower. I could never pull one off like that.

  9. Holy moly - you are right, I am speechless. I love it! Is it just me or has it been f.o.r.e.v.e.r. since I emailed you? It is on my list for this week. :)

  10. WOW!! That is beyond impressive. I teared up a bit finishing your post. I'm so pleased that there are so many people NEAR you who love you so much. (NOT surprised, of course, just pleased.) Are you registered anywhere? Not being able to go to your shower, I don't know what you still need.

  11. Wow, you are so loved! I loved all of the beautiful little details. What a special day.

  12. Whooops, Whitney here. Don't worry my husband isn't creepily commenting on your blog.

  13. To Kill A Mockingbird is my favorite book too. That is why my second child is named Caleb Atticus, after Atticus Finch. He was such a noble character. Good choice for a wreath. And what amazing decorations. I love the milk and cookies idea. Best thing is that since your not pregnant and dealing with weight gain scare you can eat as much as you like. LOL

  14. Those pictures look like they're right out of a magazine! Beautiful. You totally deserve it Rachel. :)

  15. LOOOOVE! A beautiful post, Niels. And this shower? WOW. Stunningly, amazingly, incredibly beautiful and thoughtful. These ladies could go into business! I'd hire them for sure! (Your students' advice is just precious, too!)

  16. It looks like such a wonderful time!! And it DOES look like something out of Martha Stewart!! Looking forward to your shower next week!!


  17. It was such an amazing shower!! I can't believe all the work those ladies was so beautiful! Can't wait for you to get your little guy:)

  18. Everything was phenomenal! It was a beautiful shower and I loved the theme. Thanks for sharing your touching journey, it sure has helped me. You'll be missed :-(

  19. It has been way too long since I've looked at your blog. Congrats! I'm so excited for you guys! This is one lucky little boy!

  20. That is by far the most amazing shower I've ever seen! I'm so happy and excited for you rachey!! :)


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