Saturday, September 3, 2011

So Many Visitors--Noah's Adoption Story Part 5

In Noah's first few days of life, he had so many visitors!

Grandpa Nielson came to the hospital to meet him.  At first, Noah seemed a little skeptical of Grandpa...

But then he warmed right up to him! :)

The night we brought Noah home from the hospital, Uncles Derek and Cole were waiting at the condo.  It was quite late by the time we got there, but they didn't care--they were just anxious to meet their first nephew.  They couldn't believe how tiny he was...and how soft his feet were. :)

Uncle Cole, Daddy Ry, Baby Noah, and Uncle Derek

Unfortunately, Ryan had to go back to work on Thursday, so he flew home to Denver.  Luckily, Grandma Nielson and Aunt Ashley came to Salt Lake to help me with the baby for a few days.

Aunt Ashley is so pretty...and so happy to be holding her first nephew!
Finally a grandma!
Bath time with Grandma
Ashley made this onesie. :)
It just so happened that many of our best friends from Buffalo were in Utah the week that Noah was born, so they brought us dinner (so nice!) and got to meet him too (so fun!).

The Majeronis and the Daytons
Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo with the Hawes family, who were also in town from Buffalo and came to see Noah.  They ended up helping me vacuum and clean the condo when I was scrambling to get on the road to Colorado--thank goodness for great friends.

My best friend from college got married in Utah that weekend, so she got to meet Noah briefly outside the Salt Lake temple, as did all of my college roommates who were in town for the wedding.  I can't believe it was such good timing for so many of our dear friends to meet Noah before we took him home to Colorado.  And that's not all! freshman dorm R.A. (who is still a dear friend) came to visit Noah, as did one of my best friends from my freshman hallway with her mom.  It was truly touching that so many people were so excited for us.

My extended family was all together at a family reunion in Oregon the first week of August, so they sent Noah a special message from the beach:

"We love Noah..." Look closely in the sand. :)
After the reunion was over, my dad and my sister Laura flew from Oregon to Salt Lake to spent the weekend with Noah and to help me.

My dad would always say, "He a hunchback." :)  
Dad was forced to sleep in the pretty princess pink bed the entire funny.
Ryan decided to fly back to Salt Lake on Friday night to spend a few days with Noah.  He couldn't stay away.  It was his birthday on Saturday, and he said the only thing that he wanted was to hold his could I deny him that, no matter the price of a last-minute plane ticket?

Throughout the course of the week, we were also lucky enough to spend some time with Katie and Drew.  They came to the condo twice to see Noah, and then we took Noah to see them at their homes the night before we left town.

Drew showed up wearing his "twinner" Vans.  Can't wait until Noah can wear his pair!

So many people love Noah!  And this was only the beginning...much of my family was in Colorado anxiously awaiting our arrival there...which will be the topic of my next post! :)


  1. serioulsy Rachel I bawl like a baby every time I read your posts! Congratulations on your baby boy! What brave people Katie and Drew had to be, what great examples!!! What a story! I am so glad your documenting it for everybody to read! I am so happy for you!!!!!

  2. I'm right there with Melanie. Ever post I read leaves me teary eyed. I can't get over how handsome Noah is!! :)

  3. Rach, thank you so much for sharing so much of your amazing, sacred experience on the blog. I love reading about it. You can express yourself so beautifully. You are also doing a great job finding time to blog! I'm impressed. Hope you all are doing great! I'm SO glad we got to see you, I just wish I were seeing more of you :(

  4. I just sat and read all 5 of those posts back to back to back (to back to back, lol) and bawled like a baby through all of it. Thank you so much for sharing all of it. Thank you for sharing your personal moments. All of it. Just... there's nothing else to say, just... thank you!

    (sniff, sniff) :)


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