Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Update on my Life as a Housewife

**Re: Cooking
         I read through an entire cookbook this week.  I tried five of the recipes:

  1) Breadsticks.  I was holding a fussy Noah as I tried to put these in the oven, and they fell off of the cookie sheet and onto the open oven door.  I watched in horror as they started to slide toward the hot coils at the bottom of the oven.  I handed Noah to Ryan, who was talking to a friend in the front room and was completely unaware of the disaster that was unfolding in the kitchen, and then I ran back to the oven and, using a spatula, rescued the breadsticks from certain death.  Though they were deformed, they actually still tasted pretty good.

2) Corn Chowder.  No major mishaps here, but it just didn't taste as good as I'd hoped.

3) Chicken Cordon Bleu.  Took me two hours to make this (seriously??), but I think it might have been worth it for how good it tasted.  This was one of my proudest moments as a housewife.

4) Brazilian Lemonade.  This recipe requires pureeing sugar water and whole limes in the blender.  You should've seen the mess I made.  I think it took me two hours to clean it up and mop my floors.

5) Mango Avocado Salsa with Coconut Rice.  The salsa turned out yummy (I had to read a tutorial on how to cut a mango--this has been a slimy and difficult job in the past--and the tutorial really helped).  The problem arose when I went to make the rice.  Hard to make coconut rice when you can't find the cans of coconut milk that you purchased.  I don't know if I left them at the register at the grocery store or if I "put them away" somewhere in our kitchen and they will resurface in six months.  If you know Rachel Westover Nielson, then you know that both of those scenarios are very serious possibilities.  I am a bit flaky.  Anyway, I was so mad when I couldn't find the coconut milk that I went and pouted in my bed and told Ryan that I want to give up on cooking forever.  Dramatic?  Yes.

**Re: The Mr.
         He is so busy at work--busier than he ever was in dental school.  He gets up early and comes home late.  When he's home, he loves to spend quality time with Noah:

When they're not snoozing, they like to go on evening walks:

This hat kills me.

*Re: The Little Mr.
    He has peed on me twice and pooped on me once.  He has spit up on me more times than I can count.  Yet, I love him to bits, and I have to fight the urge every second to squeeze his precious little face vigorously.  He is just that cute.  The pics below were taken several weeks ago when he was still itty bitty.  I feel like he's getting so big now.  Yesterday, I was saying to him, "You're a real boy!" (Pinocchio, anyone?)

Bath by Grandma
He loves this little giraffe that makes "white noise."  
I am enjoying my time at home with him.  It has been an adjustment for me, as I've always been someone who likes to be busy and likes a schedule.  Of course, I am still busy (busier than I thought I would be---who knew that such a little person could require so much attention?), but I am still trying to figure out meaningful routines for Noah and for me.  We are getting the hang of it, slowly but surely.

Overall, life as a housewife is quite enjoyable.

On tonight's menu: Sweet and Sour Meatballs.  I really am becoming domestic.  I wonder how many more days it will last.


  1. Wow you sure go for the tough stuff. I think when I first started as a house wife, my most extravagant meals were chicken spaghetti and enchiladas. I still haven't worked up to chicken cordon bleu. If I were you I would take it easy. You don't want Ryan and Noah's expectations to get to high, cause when you have more kids and less time they may be disappointed when you only make spaghetti or grilled cheese sandwiches. LOL
    I love these little glimpses. I wish I had kept a blog back then. I would probably feel a lot better about myself now if I read what I was thinking back then. Keep up the good work.

  2. I loved the update. Good save on the breadsticks!
    Poor Ryan really looks exhausted in those pictures.

    What about 'Re: the Mrs'? Or does dinner the Mr. and the little Mr. pretty much sum up the Mrs?

  3. I like what you said about finding meaningful routines. I need to do some more of that for myself while I continue to work on my MA project and while I'm not working.

  4. I love that all your recipes are from "Best Bites"! I'll be honest, some of them didn't live up to my expectations either, but most do. I loved the burgers but skip the Natitoches Pies. And cooking with kids doesn't get easier. Today Hugh said "I don't need to say YUCKY tonight" when I gave up on dinner and made ham sandwiches.

  5. Way to go with trying new recipes. I am kind of lame and make the same food over and over. Almost every week i boil a huge pot of chicken, shred it then pull some out one night for chicken tacos, then pull some out for enchiladas, then pull some out for bbq sandwiches, throw in a few nights of blts, lasagna, a few other random recipes and theres my weeks menu. I think I will get brave and try some new ones!

    Noah is adorable! Ryan looks exhausted. He will love being done and working 4 days a week- so will you. Good luck find a routine for your days- it really helps but its hard!

  6. Rachel he is sooooo ridiculously cute. I love him. And I loved the coconut milk story. I hate losing something somewhere between my cart and kitchen. It must happen to us all. Lately I have been making jasmine rice without the coconut milk and just putting in more salt than usual and a Tbsp of sugar per cup of rice and it is pretty good still without the milk. I think the most important part of the recipe is using jasmine rice. It's my favorite.

  7. Love the cooking mishaps. Not surprised. :) You'll get the hang of it, I promise! xoxo

  8. Way to go! I hope you find your groove quickly. :)

  9. Noah's such a little cutie! I love all his hair. I definitely related to you many times over on this post(e.g., being peed and pooped on, cooking mishaps, and trying to make time meaningful). Let me know when you figure it all out because I'm still trying to. It's all worth it when they smile at you when you walk into the room :)

  10. I just got the same cook book and read through it today! Excited to start cooking soon!

  11. Oh my gosh the picture of him holding the giraffe is the sweetest!!!! He's adorable. I can't wait to meet him when I come to town in a couple of weeks. Hope to see you!


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