Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Always Lost and Somehow Always Found

I have written before (okay, more than once) about my ineptitude with cell phones.  (Maybe I should make this its own post category?)  Well I realized earlier today that I hadn't seen my cell phone in 24 hours.  This is not unusual--I lose my cell phone at least once a week--so I did what I always do: I got online and starting contacting friends and family via Facebook and Skype.  Can you call my phone?  I don't know where it is.  

That's when I realized that I hadn't charged my phone in several days and it was likely dead somewhere.  A phone call wasn't going to do it.  


Tactic #2: Dig around in the cushions of the recliner in Noah's bedroom.  This large chair has been known to eat things, including, but not limited to, nail clippers, iPods, and my glasses.

No luck finding the phone, but I did find two (almost) empty bottles that smelled just lovely.

As I continued to search the apartment for my rogue cell phone, I decided that I need some sort of necklace or lanyard in order to wear my cell phone around my neck at all times--so I can never lose it or drop it.  This made me think about the retainer case necklace that my best friend, Liz, made for me in high school.  She was so tired of me losing my retainer (which sometimes led to us digging through cafeteria trash cans and worse) that she drilled two holes in my yellow retainer case and strung it with some twine, creating a very fashionable necklace indeed.

The sad thing is, I wore that hideous necklace.  I really did.  I can't believe I had any friends.

Anyway, I found the cell phone (it was in the car), and when I had recharged it, I saw that I'd missed seven calls and hadn't replied to five important text messages.  (I can't believe I have any friends now.)

Sadly, I couldn't read a few of the texts because my cell phone screen looks like this:

Can you guess why?

I promise I actually am an organized and capable person--but for some reason, I have a real problem with cell phones!

What do you say, Lizzy...want to make me another cool necklace? :)


  1. oh i love you girl!
    ha ha ha !!!!
    can't wait to see the necklace. . . come on lizzy; she is going to be the coolest kid EVA with a cell phone necklace!

  2. You sound like me! It is not unusual for me to go a whole day and not know where it is. I also have some weird problem with charging it. Trav charges his phone every night and I will go as long as possible (until it goes dead when I'm out) before I charge it again. It's like putting on a new toilet paper roll... it's not hard, but I still don't want to do it!
    P.S. the phone on a necklace thing reminded me of Deborah! haha! You could be twins. :)

  3. They have these! In China in 2004, we saw people with cell phone lanyards all the time! The cell phone leash, we called it. Here's hoping your next one has a little better luck!

  4. Never, I repeat, never, consider getting an iPhone again. Seriously. What a waste of money!!

    Why is the screen all black? Heat damage? BUMMER!

  5. Haha! Do you need a new phone ALREADY?! You are too much, girl!

  6. You most definitely need your friend Lizzy to make you a necklace out of it. That or get one of those cases that hooks to your belt.

  7. I'm just like you. Nobody who knows me well spends much time trying to reach me by phone. Its email, fb, or Lucas' phone or else I might not know I was called for days. I'm working on it. The problem is, I always forget to charge it because I never use it and the battery lasts forever. Then it dies and its lost and I get out of the habit of using it. Its a nasty cycle :) Hook me up with you come up with a neckphone, cellace? phoneclace?


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