Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Disaster

Yesterday after church, I decided to be a good wife and let my husband take a nap while I cleaned the house.  (Not sure what that has to do with the rest of this story--but I thought I'd throw that in there to show how helpful I am.)

Our sink was full of dirty dishes, so much so that I couldn't really wash any of them until I cleared out some space in the sink.

I filled up the mixing bowls and pots to soak, and I put them on the counter space surrounding the sink. My phone was sitting on top of the microwave, also right next to the sink.  (If this were my English class, and we were reading this story aloud, I would stop right here and say, "Does anyone have any predictions of what is going to happen?"  You know, modeling active reading.  But I digress.)

I must add that my phone has an insane vibration mode.  I know that the vibration mode is supposed to be silent and discreet, but with my phone, I think it is louder than the actual ring tone.  It goes BZZZZZZZ!!  so loudly that people within ten feet jump in surprise; if it is sitting on a table, it literally makes the entire piece of furniture shake like an earthquake has hit Buffalo, NY.

I don't know why my phone was on the vibration mode yesterday.  But it was.

As I was pleasantly washing dishes and humming to myself, someone called me--and my phone started vibrating on top of the microwave.  After jumping in surprise, I looked over at the rogue phone--just in time to see it shake right off of the microwave and land in the mixing bowl full of soapy water.


I grabbed it out of the mixing bowl while yelling, "Oh crap!  Oh no!  This is not good!"

Needless to say, Ryan did not get his nap after all.

The purpose of this post:  The phone is ruined, and I am wondering if anyone who lives in Buffalo has an old Verizon phone that they are willing to give me or that I can buy.  I do not need anything fancy; I just need a phone on which I can talk and text.  I'd really prefer not to buy a new phone because they are way way way overpriced at the stores--and chances are, I will break it or drop it into a mixing bowl filled with water in the near future anyway.  I am hard on phones.  I really am.

Let me know if you can help!


  1. You never know, it might dry out sufficiently to work for the next few months!

    Remember living in White Gables and you saw a flip phone that was left open on one of the tables and you decided to close it? Yeah, that phone had been surviving a drop in a fish pond for a few months and got to a point where I couldn't close it or the screen would go crazy. Luckily it still lasted a while after it got closed that time. :)

    Good luck with yours. I hope you're able to find a replacement soon!

  2. Shoot I don't have an extra. This sounds silly, but try putting your phone in a bag of rice and let it sit for a few days. My sister dropped her phone in water and did that and it did the trick. I guess it doesn't hurt to try.

  3. We had an extra but Chelsea LaMachia now owns that phone. She even pretends that it rings and then answers it and tells her friends she has to leave the room to talk to whoever she is pretending that it is. I know this because it was at YWs and I was in the room. Hilarious!

  4. I had a similar sad story. I tried to dry the phone praying/hoping it would work, after 4 days I knew there was no chance so I took the phone in and told the Verizon people what happened. The lady looked at my phone and said "it doesn't look like it has water damage, let me get you a new phone." I told her it doesn't look like there is water in it because it has been drying for 4 days, she just smiled and told me I don't see any water so it should be working. She then got me a free refurbished phone that was the exact model I had ruined. Maybe you can get that same nice lady I got:)

  5. oh HOW SAD!!!
    so sorry Rach!
    this happened to Pace. . . but he jumped into a pool with his phone in his pocket. . . yes, he was fully dressed. . . LONG STORY!

    any hoots. . . we opened the phone and took the battery out to let it dry. . . with a blow dryer. . . it worked!
    maybe that would help?
    we don't have any "good" phones here or i would give it to you. . . my last phone was such a crappy thing. . . it NEVER worked!
    good luck.
    try going to the store. . . they can be REALLY sweet. . . especially if you are a cute girl! ;)

  6. Tough break. Did Ry help with the dishes after he woke up? ;)

  7. I don't have any old Verizon phones but you can go to target or anywhere and get a Verizon go phone and put your sim card in it and it will work just fine! we have had to do that due to similar stories. good luck!

  8. i totally feel your pain. i am HARD on phones. is it the creative brain? the lack of respect for technology? everytime one of my phones breaks (yes, this has happened too many times to count) someone gives me an old phone*.

    *i have t-mobile, or i'd share...maybe.

  9. If you are still in need call me, we might be able to help


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