Sunday, June 9, 2013

Our (Crazy Busy) Month of May

We had an exciting May (and I got way behind on blogging!).

*I attended a Power of Moms Retreat and Board meeting in Park City, Utah.  It was a great experience.  The board meeting was the night before the Retreat, and I loved having the opportunity to meet in-person all of the women with whom I work online.  I also loved sitting down together and brainstorming ways that we can improve the organization and the website.  Using feedback from the meeting, we've already revamped the submissions categories for mothers who are interested in writing for the site. (Don't forget, anyone can write for the site!  You should do it!)

Power of Moms Board
(minus those who couldn't attend the meeting)
The Retreat was so informative and inspirational.  I took lots of notes which I still haven't found the time to sort and compile--but my friend Sarah did a great write-up on her blog about what she learned from the conference.  You can check out her post here.

I also spent lots of hours at the end of April/beginning of May editing a book for Power of Moms which will come out next spring.  I am super excited about it because it is a compilation of some of their "best" essays from the last five years, and I think it's going to be an excellent read.  Finding Power of Moms was an answer to prayers for me, as it has given me a way to continue pursuing my interests in writing and editing while also learning more about motherhood in the process.  Now if only I could find more time to write for the site, instead of spending all of my time editing!!

*A few weeks later, we had a visit from Katie, Noah's birthmom.  She came to Denver to audition for the X Factor.  She is so beautiful and talented, and Noah had a blast with her while she was in town.  We missed Drew (in fact, when we pulled up to the airport, and Noah saw Katie standing with her bag alone, he asked, "Where's Drew?").  Fortunately, we were able to Facetime with both of them once Katie got back to Utah.  I love how much Noah's birthparents adore him.

*My dad had the main floor of his home remodeled.  This is the house that I grew up in, so it was a big deal for our entire family, and it turned out so beautiful.  The kitchen was the biggest project (with new cupboards, appliances, and granite countertops), but I think my favorite part is the new windows on the tall wall in the living room.  They let in so much light, and all of the green leaves of the trees outside make me feel like I am in a tree house whenever I walk down the stairs.

*We got family photos taken when my little sister and her hubby were in town because who knows when we will all be together in the same place again!

My grandparents joined us too, for a few multigenerational shots, and when the photographer was taking a picture of Gramps and Grammy together, Gramps said, "Make this good!  It's going to be our obituary pic!"  I love that old man!  And could these two be any cuter??

*Noah went to the dentist for the first time.  Dr. Daddy did his exam, and he came through it with no cavities!  (Thank goodness--because that would've been really embarrassing for Ryan!)  All of Ryan's colleagues were so excited to see Noah and showered him with so much attention that he got really bashful and nervous.  It was cute.

*Speaking of Dr. Daddy, Ryan went to Florida with his co-residents to present a research paper at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Conference.  He has been working on the research for the past year and a half, and he is so glad to have that presentation behind him.  Despite the stress of his residency, he has loved working with his co-residents and always has so much fun with them, so the trip was a great vacation.  He and his buddies went to Hollywood Studios and stayed at a Disney Hotel.  Ryan dominated in mini-golf one night, getting five holes-in-one and winning a limited edition Disney golfball for having the low score of the day.  That's my Ry!

*We ended the month with my 29th birthday.  I love birthdays, and I insist on celebrating all week.  Ryan had the day off on Memorial Day, so he sent me shopping by myself (so much more fun than hauling a toddler along!), and I found several cute new outfits and even bought myself a delicious caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  (Does it get any better?)  Two days later, my sister hired a babysitter for our kids so I could go with her to lunch and shopping at an antique store in Castlerock.  We were looking for furniture for Dad's new living room--we didn't have any luck, but we sure had a fun day together!  Two days after that, on my actual birthday, Ryan surprised me by leaving a beautiful potted orchid on the kitchen table and a humungous helium balloon in my car.  When Noah saw the balloon, he started shouting, "Oh my goodness!  Oh my goodness!"  Made my day.  One of my closest friends also took me to breakfast--I am a lucky, lucky girl.

We were supposed to go camping with some friends that night, but, sadly, I spent the evening of my birthday in the company of the toilet because a new medication I'd started taking that week made me super sick.  It was miserable.  I'm glad I started celebrating my birthday early so I didn't feel ripped off when I was throwing up on my big day.  The medication continued to have crazy side effects over the weekend, so my doctor told me to stop taking it, and I am relieved.  That was no way to start my 30th year of life!!

*Overall it was a very busy month, and life has not slowed down since.  Ryan and I are preparing like mad for our move to Idaho in a month.  We still have so much to do.  But life is good, and we are grateful.


  1. I laughed when reading what your Gramps said! And Laura looks AMAZING in your family picture. MEOW! :)

  2. I love busy months! ;) And you. Oh, and I have a birthday present for you. The night you came over, I was so disorganized! I will see you before you move! Let me know if you need help packing. Oh, I'll see you this Wednesday! Duh!
    Love you Rach!

  3. So the girl (JaNae Messick) you are standing next to in the second picture is from Thayne's ward growing up. She's a bit older than him but was close with her two little sisters. We LOVE her family. Small world!

  4. Wow. It sounds like you had such a fun, busy month! I've missed your posts, but am glad that you've had so many fun things to fill up your time.

  5. No fun to be sick!! And I didn't realize you were moving so soon!! Good luck with all of the craziness involved! Let me know if I can take any more articles for you.

  6. Happy belated birthday! How fun to celebrate all week! Glad you didn't have to continue that awful medication!

    So I'm super curious about Katie's audition!! Did it go well? What was her talent?

    Your family pictures turned out great! What cute grandparents.

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. I need all the encouragement I can get! :)

    We are seeing lots of fires all over Colorado! :( I hope you are out of harms way!!


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