Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alive and Well

I have been MIA in the blog world lately, with the exception of an occasional birthday tribute.  I wanted to let everyone know that I am alive and well.  Life is still too crazy to jump back into blogging full force, but here's the quick update:

Things we have been up to these past few weeks...

-I had surgery, and I am feeling a lot better, thank goodness.  The doctor thinks my mysterious morning sickness was actually due to endometriosis, not the cyst as they had originally thought. Now that they cleaned out the endo, I am not throwing up every day anymore.  Hallelujah!

Lovely photo of me taken as I impatiently waited to go into surgery.
(The surgery started three hours late.)  
-Ryan graduated from his residency and is done with school forever.  To celebrate this huge accomplishment, my dad made Ry an awesome poster and had a hilarious t-shirt made for him.  The director of Ryan's residency was very, very intense and demanding, so Dad thought Ry deserved a shirt to commemorate his survival.  I couldn't agree more!  So proud of Dr. Ry!

My favorite line on the poster is "Tooth-master."
And lest any of you get the wrong idea about Ryan, I must clarify that "pedo" is the abbreviated name for Ry's residency.
-Ryan's family visited for the 4th of July while they were en route to Missouri for Ryan's little brother Cole to attend medical school.  Cole and Sara stayed with us for several days, and we took them hiking and had tons of fun.  Then Gordo, Sal, and Tanner joined us in Denver, and we celebrated Gordon's birthday and watched the fireworks on the 4th.  It was ridiculous how much Noah loved the fireworks. He was shouting and rejoicing the entire time ("Oooh! So beautiful!"  "Purple!  Green!"  "Oh my goodness!!").  I will never forget how cute it was.

Happy Birthday, Gordo!
Fun with Uncle Tanner
-We packed up our apartment with the help of lots of friends and family.  Noah was especially helpful with packing boxes...NOT!  But he was a cute and fun distraction!

He's my favorite.
-We moved to Twin Falls, Idaho and are really liking it so far.  I have so much to say about our new home and our new town, but all of that deserves its own post, so I will wait.

Fist pump for Idaho!
-We bought a couch!  Our first non-Craiglist purchase of furniture ever.  Our couches in Denver were so nasty that we knew we didn't want to take them with us.  We listed them on Craigslist for $40, and someone responded and said, "FYI, those couches look disgusting."  Point taken.  I dropped the price to $25 and someone came and took them away...thank goodness.  Our new couch looks so much better!  (I will post a photo on the blog eventually.)

These are NOT our new couches.  These are the old nasty ones.
-We went to Sun Valley to spend the weekend at Ryan's grandpa's cabin as a last hurrah before Ryan started his real, grown-up job.  We went hiking with Noah, and he kept saying, "Holy my gosh!" at all of the beautiful scenery.  He has apparently meshed the phrases "holy moly" and "oh my gosh."  I love him.

-Ryan started his new job after a glorious three-week break.  It was so nice to have him home to help with unpacking.  We also took plenty of fun little breaks to go swimming or to picnic in the backyard. Noah and I will miss having Daddy around all the time, but we know he is going to do great as a real pediatric dentist!

The boys' last picnic lunch together in our new backyard before Daddy had to go back to work. :(

Things we will be up to these next few weeks...

-Noah and I are going on a quick trip to Utah to visit some of my best friends from Buffalo who are visiting their families there.

-We are then meeting Ryan in Pocatello for a weekend reunion with some of his best friends from high school.

-Katie and Drew are coming to Idaho for a couple of days to help us celebrate Noah's birthday.

-Noah is turning two!

-We are going to California for my cousin's wedding.

-Ryan is turning thirty one.  (He is getting old.)

Fun, right?  Fun and crazy!  After all of the craziness is over, I have grand plans of being "balanced" and having downtime to relax and savor a slower pace of life.  It probably won't happen, but one can always hope.  In any event, plan on some blog posts from me by mid-August.  I miss blogging.



  1. That's funny that someone said that about your couches. Trust me, I've seen much worse, and they're asking way more than $40!
    Glad you're kind of getting settled, and that you like Idaho.
    We miss you already!

  2. I can't believe that you sold those couches for a cent. Those things were SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks. Noah is the cutest ever.

  3. I sure love you Rachel Westover Nielson. That is all :)

  4. Holy cow! Don't pack much in there do you? :)


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