Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update on The Jerk

News about our robbery:

Our renters' insurance will pay for everything but our $500 deductible. This is good news (and I recommend that everyone get renters' insurance)...but I am still sad about my lost journals and photos. No insurance can replace those!

Luckily, anything that I ever posted or sent online is still available to me--so I've been able to recreate some journal entries and find some of our photos from the last two years. And hey, thank goodness I have this blog!

I also DID find the jump drive that I used to back up my laptop two years that's something.

The day after the robbery, Ryan noticed that his crusty electric razor is missing. Isn't that weird? The guy skipped over my real pearls and instead took a nasty, used razor.

I have to admit, I sometimes have flashes of affection for our robber: I was thinking the other day that he really could've taken a lot more than he did--or he could've purposely broken a lot of our possessions and really trashed the place--but he didn't. Thanks, Robber! As robbers go, he is definitely a nice one. Not such a jerk after all.

I hope he is having fun riding my cute beach cruiser bike; I can picture him, all thugged out, riding to school with his lunch stashed in the basket on the front, ringing the little bell to warn pedestrians that he is approaching.

This picture makes me laugh.

Tonight, I had some of the neighbor kids over to help me bake, and I said, "You guys, did you hear that we got robbed?"

And one of them said, "Who's Rob?"

It made me laugh.


  1. i'm glad it's not as bad as it seemed at first. that's still awful, though.
    and i hope you enjoyed your "sallybration." i enjoyed reading about that and i think it's a wonderful tribute to your mom.

  2. That IS a funny picture! I can vividly picture my former student Ronnie (a 5'5" 4th grader who nicknamed himself "Lil Wheezy" and would write it on all of his papers...who I secretly loved, by the way...of all of my hellions, he was the one who amused me) riding that bike wearing some sweet gold jewelry. :) Love you!

  3. Hey Rach and Ry,

    Way to stay positive---I love how you guys find the humor in everything, and I'm glad that Rob the (former) Jerk now has solutions for his transportation and facial hair issues!

  4. Whatever. You know all the other thugs are whispering behind their hands to each other "I want that."

  5. i think from now on you should refer to the jerk as Rob. that´s as good a name as any!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that you got robbed, but I'm glad that you found your jump drive. And that you're able to find some humor in an otherwise miserable situation. The image the thug on a pretty pink bike is hilarious.

  7. Sad day. Funny write up. we uplaod our pictures to our Costco account. It makes me feel happier because I can't imagine lossing them. They mean the most to me. My journals are nice but they are mostly full of silly stuff, just written for me.


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